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The Kirby Ultimate G series® Vacuum

It probably feels like just yesterday you bought your Kirby vacuum model. But, the Kirby Ultimate G series was actually introduced to customers in 2002. It was retired in late 2003 when the Kirby Ultimate G series Diamond Edition cleaner was unveiled.

170580TThe Kirby Ultimate G series vacuum offered an improved outer bag for better filtration as well as extended fan blades to increase airflow. It also included a new paddle design on the brush roll for increased cleanability.

Some of the standard features on the Kirby Ultimate G series vacuum included:

  • Toe-Touch™ Control
  • TechDrive® Power Assist
  • Disposable filter bags
  • Belt lifter

The Ultimate G series vacuum featured our trademark convertability, allowing the owner to use the vacuum as an upright cleaner, canister vacuum, and even as a carpet shampoo system. View the Ultimate G series owner manual online.

Can’t remember all your Kirby Ultimate G series vacuum is capable of? Contact our customer service department. We can help you find replacement bags, filters and other parts you need to keep your vacuum in proper working order.

Have you learned about our latest Kirby vacuum model? Check out the newest features included with the Kirby Sentria II Vacuum cleaner.

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