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Vacuuming 101: Deodorizing Your Carpets with Kirby Cleaning Products

Deodorizing CarpetsYour carpet suffers a lot of wear and tear. From a muddy spring to a snowy winter, there’s no escaping the stains. When boots, shoes, cleats and dog paws are tracked onto your carpeting, it’s destined to need some TLC once in a while.

Luckily, you don’t have to replace your carpeting to keep it fresh. You just have to be smart about cleaning.

Your Kirby Sentria II vacuum can help you do a lot more than just vacuum. This cleaning system can also fluff and deep clean your carpets.

The best way to keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh is by shampooing them every few months. In between shampoos, you can refresh and deodorize carpets with Kirby’s HomeFresh Room and Carpet Freshner.

Follow these simple instructions to deodorize your carpet using Kirby cleaning products:

homefreshShop Kirby Home Care to find HomeFresh Room and Carpet Freshner as well as other Kirby cleaning supplies. It is available in three popular scents: Citrus, Cinnamon and Spring Fresh.

Next, sprinkle a light coating of the carpet freshener over your entire carpeting.

Let the Kirby cleaning product sit undisturbed for several minutes on your carpeting.

Finally, turn on your Kirby vacuum cleaner and vacuum the entire carpeted area being sure to pick up any remaining product.

Once finished, not only will your carpet look and smell fresher, but even the inside of your vacuum bag will be deodorized. And with a process this simple, you can make sure all the carpets in your home smell fresh and clean.

Incorporate this process into your seasonal cleaning and never feel discouraged by smelly carpets again.

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