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Our Sales Model

Kirby employment sales modelEvery Distributor and Dealer of Kirby products is an independent contractor. They are not employees of The Kirby Company. This gives them the ability to set their own hours and control their own future. Through the Kirby sales model, dealers earn commissions on the sales of Kirby home care systems from their Distributor.

Earning a living on commissions is different than working an hourly wage job. With commissions, there is no limit to how much you can earn each week when you do make sales.

Kirby salespeople are invited to attend an in-depth orientation program where they learn all about the home care system as well as basic sales skills. No prior experience is required. Daily meetings by independent Kirby Distributors provide additional opportunities to learn time management, money management, negotiation skills, and communication and leadership skills.

More About the Kirby Sales Model

Some Kirby Distributors, but not all, offer to pay their salespeople to demonstrate the vacuum – even if they don’t make a single sale. Distributors do this because they know that the more the salespeople demonstrate the vacuum, the more likely they are to make a sale. If you interview with a Kirby Distributor who offers such a program, make sure you understand all of the requirements you must meet to qualify.

It can be hard facing rejection. That’s why through the Kirby sales model, Kirby salespeople have the opportunity to compete for amazing trips, cars, electronics, and other incentives offered by independent Kirby Distributors that encourage sales and build morale. Complete rules and details about these prizes are always available for your review.

Kirby Salespeople observe the highest standards of character, honesty and integrity. They abide by the Direct Selling Association’s Code of Ethics.

Learn more about our unique Kirby sales model.

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