Clean with Confidence using Kirby | Kirby Avalir 2 System

Clean With Confidence Using the Kirby System

Welcome to what we hope becomes a regular and valuable resource for you. Shopping for a vacuum can be stressful, let alone knowing how to properly use all the accessories that come with it. Now that you have a Kirby system in your home, the hard part is over and you can clean with confidence. We want to make sure you get the most out of your home cleaning system and understand all the uses in order to make every day easier and cleaner. Let this blog be your personal guide for cleaning tips, cleaning trends, maintaining your Kirby system, Genuine Kirby cleaning solutions and products, and so much more!

Introducing, the Kirby Availr 2. Same great performance and versatility with a new, modern design.

Now, let’s talk more about the Kirby. Whether you recently bought one, you’re still deciding, or you’ve had yours for decades, we want you to know everything there is about cleaning with your Kirby. Our cleaning system has a proven track record of tackling the toughest conditions and stains on any type of floor. You heard right – your Kirby is more than a vacuum. It cleans hardwood floors, vinyl, tile and so much more! We’ve been around for more than 100 years, so there’s a chance you’ve seen a Kirby at a friend or family members’ house before.

We believe in quality, reliability, and performance. We also believe a vacuum should do so much more than simply vacuum. The newest edition to the Kirby Family is the Kirby Avalir 2, which is a powerful home cleaning system that allows your cleanest dreams to come true. The design of our system puts the full power of the motor close to the brush roll, which creates superior airflow and strong suction to remove dirt completely. Spinning at 3,200 revolution per minute, the durable nylon bristles of the brush roll loosen the dirt you can’t even see. Using your foot, the Avalir 2 can be adjusted to the correct height for each floor type in your home. That means no more bending down.

When you invest in a Kirby, we know it will quickly become your partner-in-crime cleaning the one place people gather most – your floors. Don’t believe us? Schedule a demonstration today to find out. Stay tuned for more blogs here, on social media and through our newsletter!


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