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5 Kirby cleaning products every party host needs

It’s finally summer. Pool days, bike rides and hiking trails, and you can’t forget hosting those epic backyard parties! Transforming your backyard into a summer oasis for friends and family is the best way to create summer memories. However, with the summer fun comes the “fun” of summer cleaning. You know what I’m talking about – tidying up for your guests, moping the muddy footprints off the floor (thanks to the kiddos and pets!), and all the other messes get dragged into your house with outdoor parties. One of the most rewarding parts of hosting is being able to have your friends and family gather at the one place you love most – your home. To avoid the cleaning blues once the party is over, here are some must-have Kirby cleaning products every party host should have to eliminate stress, and allow you to fully enjoy your summertime gatherings!
  • Kirby Pre-Treat for Heavy Traffic Areas – Summer outdoor parties are great, until your guests start tracking in dirt and mud inside the house because they need to cool down for a bit or use the restroom. And most of the time your guests don’t take off their shoes at the door. The Kirby Pretreat for Heavy Traffic Areas will leave you worry free. The pretreat is used prior to shampooing your carpets, so make sure you also plan to shampoo the areas you apply the pretreat. It’s a hosts’ cleaning must-have!
  • Home Fresh – This will be your carpet’s new best friend! This product is great to get the stingy outdoor smell out of your carpet, especially after some major foot traffic. Our Home Fresh has baking soda in it that eliminates odors immediately, and comes in seasonal scents! You can call this the fairy dust of cleaning products!
  • Scent Tabs – The worst kind of trash to remove by far is trash from a party. Trash is already smelly to begin with, so when you add food scraps basking in the hot sun for hours, you have yourself an extra smelly trash can (gross!). Our Scent Tabs will be your saving grace. These Scent Tabs are typically used while you vacuum to disperse a fresh lemon-lime smell, but can also be used for your trash (and we encourage it!).
  • Kirby Multi-Purpose Spot Remover with Oxy– Use this spot remover has Oxy cleaner in it to tackle those tough spots and stains brought in by guests. Remove those grease and food stains, and tracked-in dirt with a few sprays, and blot the stains away!
  • Kirby Carpet and Fabric Cleaner– We’re all guilty of accidentally spilling food or a drink on someone’s couch or carpet, so it’s bound to happen during a party at your house, too. Whether it’s on your nice patio furniture or inside on your living room couch or carpet, the Kirby Carpet and Fabric Cleaner is an excellent choice when you want to remove evidence of a spill.
Did you like this? Learn how to get the most out of your Kirby by reading more of our blogs! Now that we’ve given you our summertime party cleaning tips and tricks, you can rest easy. Backyard cookouts and parties will always be some of the most popular pastimes as the summer begins, so stock up on these cleaning products so you can focus on making memories.