Keep Seasonal Smells Out | Deep Cleaning with Kirby Vacuums

Keep seasonal smells out of your home with these Kirby cleaning products!

Ah, a season has arrived! Fall, Autumn, Football season – whatever you call it, it’s finally here. The leaves will be turning colors quickly, temperatures will be changing, and the excitement of wearing a hoodie around a bonfire, or watching Friday night football games has commenced! > Don’t forget to read last month’s blog!Here are some fun seasonal activities and products to help keep the smells and mess out of your home. > Browse our online shop now!

  • Apple picking! Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, juicy apple? Especially when you get to pick them out yourself! This family-fun activity is a seasonal favorite for many, but can also bring tracked in grass, leaves and mud into your home afterwards. The Hard Floor Cleaner Concentrate will gently clean any muddy mess. Spray the solution on your hard surface floors and use the Kirby Availr 2 with Multi-Surface Shampoo System to scrub the solution and the dirt away!
  • College football game get-togethers! It’s Saturday afternoon, your favorite team is playing and all your friends are gathered around. During the excitement, there’s bound to be a spill on the couch. Kirby Foam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is an excellent solution to have on hand! This carpet and upholstery cleaner is for small jobs and tough-to-reach spots. The thick foam quickly loosens dirt and dries fast!
  • Bonfires! Roasting marshmallows by a bonfire is easily one of the best memories you’ll make with friends, family and neighbors. Nothing beats sticky, gooey, chocolatey delicious treats with the people you love the most, sharing stories around a warm fire. Unfortunately, bonfire smells tend to easily stick to clothes, bags and shoes. Freshen your home and vanquish bonfire odors with just a few drops of Odorific II All Purpose Home Deodorizer.

 > Leave your home so fresh and so clean with these cleaning products!With all of these family-fun activities comes the mess. Be prepared to have your Genuine Kirby Cleaning products ready to tackle any job! Sign up for the newsletter today for an instant coupon before you shop online! If you don’t have a Kirby system yet, schedule a demo today to see the Kirby Avalir 2 Home Cleaning System in action! Share your fun Fall activities on social media and tag us on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #MyKirbyExperience!