Don't Let Cleaning Scare You | Halloween Cleaning Tips

Don’t let cleaning scare you this season!

It’s the scariest season of them all! It’s the month of Halloween! The best part? Obviously Halloween treats – particularly the ones shaped to disgust and amuse you at the same time (slimy worm candies, pumpkin faced cookies, Frankenstein marshmallows, etc.). Unfortunately, the sticky residue they leave on counters and floors can be extremely hard to remove and clean. Here are some cleaning tips and Kirby products that will do the trick (or treat).

  1. Citrus Split Adhesive Remover: You know that sticky residue from melted candy, marshmallow fluff and dark colored frostings we mentioned above from those tasty Halloween treats? Yeah, you know the sticky (yet, tasty) mess we’re talking about. To clean your counter tops and floors, make sure to use our Citrus Split Adhesive Remover to lift the residue right off your counter tops and floors!
  2. Hard Floor Cleaner Concentrate: What is Halloween with out creating a Jack-o-Lantern? One of the best memories family and friends make is by creating those creepy (but also slightly cute) Jack-o-Lanterns! If this is on your October to-do list, heads up: it’s about to get real messy in your kitchen. Lying down newspaper under your pumpkin will help, but it doesn’t always prevent the sticky, gooey pumpkin guts and seeds to find a way on your floors. Have no fear, your Hard Floor Cleaner Concentrate is the perfect ready-to-use solution. Use your Kirby Avalir 2 Multi-Surface Shampoo System to buff the solution and dirty grim away.
  3. Avalir 2 Upright vacuum: It’s always a good idea to get rid of the hay, confetti and glitter from Halloween decorations. A home with after-party remains is never a good sight.Plus, confetti can stain hardwood or carpet if left for too long. Have no fear, you have a Kirby Availr 2! Grab your Kirby and get to vacuuming away all the Halloween evidence. If you come across some glitter or confetti on your couches, grab your hose attachment and Zipp brush to get the job done.
  4. Multi-Purpose Spot Remover w/ Oxy: All of those colorful witches brews and drinks have deadly consequences on your fabrics, clothes and carpet in your home, so beware! If you do happen to spill, make sure to tend to your stains immediately so they don’t become nightmares later. The Kirby Multi-Purpose Spot Remover w/ Oxy is ideal for this kind of situation. Simply spray on the stain and blot the stain away.
We hope these cleaning tips Kirby product suggestions help you deal with the horrors of a Halloween nightmare aftermath! Have a spooky and mess-free Halloween holiday! If these products don’t work for you, browse our online shop to see what does.