Best Floor Cleaning Products | What Should You Look for?

What cleaning floor products should you be using?

We know how much your floors mean to you, so that’s why we make cleaning products to help protect them from every day wear and tear! From hard floor cleaner to carpet shampooer, Kirby provides a wide selection for any floor type allowing you to keep your floors protected from everyday dirt and grime build up. Here are some ways to keep some common floor types clean with your Kirby system.

  1. Shampoo your carpet with the Multi-Surface Shampoo System. The Multi-Surface Shampoo System will easily become your best friend after you learn everything you can do with it: Shampoo your carpet, mop your hardwood floors, scrub your tile & grout, etc. Let’s start with your carpeted floors. The MSSS uses a dry foam shampoo.
    1. Dry foam doesn’t soak your carpets
    2. It’s professional strength formula
    3. It quickly removes the toughest stains
    4. It’s available in lavender or fragrance free!
  1. Mop & polish your beautiful hard wood floors. I told you the MSSS can do several things, and I wasn’t kidding! After your done shampooing your carpets, switch the brush roll to our mop brush roll for your hard wood floors. The best part about mopping with your Kirby? You can official toss your mop and bucket in the garbage! Use the Miracle Shine rotary brush in your MSSS with the Miracle Shine Floor Polish to make those floors sparkle and shine!
  1. Scrub your tile & grout. Cleaning tile and grout can be a difficult and often painful task! It can be tedious and take up a lot of time. Luckily, your MSSS can also clean your tile with the grout brush roll! This special brush roll cleans uneven tile surfaces and reaches deep down into grout lines. In addition, using the Tile & Grout Pre-Treat removes stubborn grout stains!

Now that you’re aware of the superpowers your Kirby MSSS holds, let’s talk about some Genuine Kirby cleaning products that will help you keep those floors in tip top shape!

Well, you’re all set to put your Kirby and MSSS to work restoring your floors! Your don’t just walk on your floors, you live on your floors, so your vacuum should be more than a vacuum! Make sure to use our How-To Videos in the Support tab for more guidance on how the MSSS and other attachments work! Happy cleaning!