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Kirby Models: The Kirby Dual Sanitronic 80

Kirby Dual Sanitronic 80 VacuumIn 1967, The Kirby Company introduced the Dual Sanitronic 80. This Kirby vacuum model featured 26 improvements from the previous model; a new handle was just one of these new things homeowners got to enjoy.

The Kirby Dual Sanitronic 80 vacuum featured a floor duster-buffer, shoulder strap and convenient tool cabinet. This vacuum was replaced in 1970 by the second generation Kirby Classic.

Other standard features on the Dual Sanitronic 80 included:

  • Sani-pocket
  • Safety selector switch
  • Swiveled cord hook
  • Crystalator
  • Suction-relief vent
  • And more

The Kirby Dual Sanitronic 80 was designed for a variety of floor surfaces and made for more efficient home cleaning. The Dual Sanitronic 80 owner manual is available online.

Are you still using your Dual Sanitronic 80? While it’s true that Kirby vacuums do last a lifetime, you might just like to learn more about our newest model. Find out all that is offered in our latest model, the Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner.

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