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Kirby Models: The Kirby G3 Vacuum

Kirby G3 VacuumAre you the proud owner of a Kirby G3 vacuum cleaner? The Kirby G3 was known for introducing the “Dawn of a New Generation.” With new styling and over 60 improvements at its launch in 1990, this vacuum introduced a new cutting-edge platform for Kirby vacuums.

This model was produced from 1990 to 1993 and introduced our revolutionary TechDrive® power assist feature. This automatic transmission senses the direction and the speed that you want the vacuum to travel and makes pushing the vacuum feel almost effortless.

The Kirby Generation 3 vacuum also featured:

  • Toe-Touch Control
  • TechDrive Power Assist
  • Belt Lifter
  • Adjustable brush roll
  • European design and styling

The Kirby Generation 3 system functioned as an upright cleaner, a straight suction cleaner, a portable cleaner and included a wide variety of attachments for different cleaning projects.

Can’t remember all your Kirby G3 is capable of? Get a quick refresher on your vacuum cleaner and G3 parts by reading the online version of the Kirby G3 manual.

If you’re searching for Kirby Generation 3 parts, bags or filters, feel free to contact our customer service center.

Kirby vacuums are built to last a lifetime, but with all the upgrades and innovations you might decide now is the right time to upgrade your Kirby G3 system. Learn about the new features offered on the Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner.

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