Generation after Generation

From generation to generation, Kirby home care systems have been a part of making homes clean and comfortable for all types of families around the world. Here’s a look back at some of the things that were taking place at the time each Kirby model was introduced.



1906: Domestic Cyclone

It was in 1906 that Jim Kirby developed his first vacuum.  In this year, the Chicago White Sox won the World Series and a first-class stamp cost only $0.02.






1914: The Ezee

George Scott and Carl Fetzer form the Scott Fetzer Company manufacturing vacuum cleaners. (The Kirby Company becomes a division of Scott Fetzer as the company grows over the years.) The Ezee is a non-electric vacuum powered by a manual bellows system. In this year, World War I began and Charlie Chaplin played his most famous character, the Little Tramp.






1919: The Wireless Vac-u-ette

The name says it all, this non-electric vacuum was belt-drive and powered by the movement of the wheels. In this year, dial telephones were introduced to the public and Chicago became the Jazz capital.





1925: The Vacuette Electric

This Kirby model was the first electric vacuum manufactured by Scott & Fetzer. In this year, the worst tornado in US history hit Missouri, Illinois and Indiana while Al Capone took over the Chicago bootlegging racket.





19281928: The Scott Fetzer Sanitation System
This model featured a Crystalator which produced gas for moth prevention. In this year, Walt Disney introduced the first two cartoons with sound and Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin.






19341934: The Kirby Model 1C
A belt driven brush roll and lip height control were introduced with this model. In this year, It Happened One Night swept the Academy Awards, winning Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Actress.





1937: The Kirby Model 2C, 3C and 4C
This series of Kirby vacuum cleaners launched a variety of improvements including the electric headlight. In this year, the Golden Gate bridge was completed and Walt Disney launched his first full-length animated film.





19451945: The Kirby model 505
This was the first Kirby unit to be produced since WWII began. The Kirby 500 series vacuums lasted through 1965 with the Kirby Model 562 Sanitronic. In this year, Franklin D Roosevelt was president and Detroit beat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.




1965: The Kirby Dual Sanitronic 50
This model has a two-speed motor that adjusts to provide the right power for floor cleaning. In this year, The Sound of Music premiered and became one of the top-grossing films of the year.






19701970: The Kirby Classic
This model launched the “second generation” of Kirby vacuums and was the first Kirby Classic in a line of three models. In this year, Richard Nixon was president and the Beatles broke up.






19791979: The Kirby Tradition
This was the first Kirby vacuum to offer a disposable filter bag. In this year, a first class postage stamp cost $0.15 and the Sugar Hill Gang released the first commercial rap hit.






19811981: The Kirby Heritage
The first edition Kirby Heritage launched with a Home Turbo Group. In this year, Ronald Reagan became the 40th President and MTV debuted.





19871987: The Kirby Legend
This model offered internal improvements and new color. In this year, the NY Giants defeated Denver in the Super Bowl and a postage stamp cost $0.22.





19901990: The Kirby Generation 3
This model was the first in a series of Generation Kirby models, each offering new styling and major improvements. In this year, 99% of American households had at least one radio and The Simpsons debuted on Fox.





2003: The Kirby Diamond Edition

Allergen Reduction filters and a normal/delicate switch were introduced. In this year, Norah Jones dominated the Grammy Awards and the fifth installment in the Harry Potter series hit shelves.




2006: The Kirby Sentria
This Kirby vacuum featured a significant redesign and ergonomic improvements. In this year, Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl and George W. Bush was the country’s President.






20132013: The Kirby Sentria II
A new color scheme and a series of internal and consumer-friendly improvements made this a popular model. The Sentria II was replaced by the current Avalir model.