Even with regular dusting and vacuuming, your electronics are bound to collect dust and grime over time. Keeping your gadgets clean is not only important for cleanliness, it can also have an impact on your safety and the longevity of your electronics. Cords that are coated in dust can be a fire hazard and using the wrong cleaning solution can ruin your devices, so keeping the areas around your electronics clean as well as using the right cleaning products should be part of your regular chores. Here we share how to clean a computer screen, keyboard and more.

Cleaning Computer ScreenLCD and touchscreens: These are delicate surfaces and should be handled with care. Spray a microfiber cloth with plain water to buff up television and touchscreens, or for bigger build-up use a solution that is half water half white vinegar. Remember, always spray the solution onto the cloth instead of directly to the screen.

Keyboards: Wondering how to clean keyboard keys? Those bottles of compressed air can work wonders for a keyboard. They blow out crumbs and dust and do no damage to the surface. For greasy, germy keys, try brushing on some rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab.

Mouse: You can clean your mouse similarly to the way you clean your keyboard. A cotton swab soaked with water or alcohol can clean the rubber pads and buttons. You should not need to open up your mouse to clean it properly.

Laptop: Clean your laptop keyboard and touchpad with a damp microfiber cloth. Use a can of compressed air to remove dust and debris between the keys.

Behind the TV or Computer: Behind your TV stand and desk there is likely a jumble of cords. Whether they power your Blu-ray player or printer, multiple cords in one space tend to collect dust, and since they are behind your work station or entertainment console, they may not be in your line of sight and often forgotten. Using the attachments on your Kirby Avalir can help you clean those hard-to-reach areas.

What NOT to do:

  • Use glass cleaner on screens. It can destroy protective coating.
  • Use your phone or tablet in the bathroom. You are welcoming unwanted germs to your devices.
  • Spray cleaning solution directly onto surfaces. It can damage screens and get under your keyboard.
  • Get the trackball on your mouse wet.
  • Use vacuum brushes directly on electronics. The bristles could scratch the surface, and static discharge could cause damage to delicate internal circuits.