Kirby vacuum cleans a mattressWhile your bedroom may not be a high-traffic area in your home, it can still accumulate piles of laundry, dust and papers. Spend some time each season removing any clutter so you can reclaim your space and sleep in peace.

Use the following ideas to effectively clean and organize your bedroom:

  • Remove all sheets from your beds and wash all comforters, pillows and drapes.
  • Before replacing the sheets on your bed, use your Kirby vacuum in the portable mode to vacuum the mattress.
  • Dust all dressers, knick knacks, bed frames and other surfaces in your room with the Kirby duster brush.
  • To help keep your bedroom safe from germs, clean all commonly touched areas with disinfectant wipes. Be sure to wipe television remotes, light switch covers and door knobs.
  • Put away any clothes that have accumulated into piles in your bedroom and wash any dirty laundry.
  • Clean out the clutter that has built-up under your bed. Remove what you don’t need and purchase storage containers to store any items you do decide to keep.
  • Use the Kirby surface nozzle attached to the vacuum hose to vacuum under your bed.
  • Move furniture so you can deeply clean your carpets with your Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Going through clutter, giving often neglected items like drapes and pillows a good cleaning, and recycling out unused clothing will make your bedroom more comfortable. Vacuum with your Kirby system to reduce allergens, like pet dander and dust, for a better night’s sleep.