Wine Stain Removal with Kirby Cleaning Products and Attachments

Wine Stain Removal with Kirby AttachmentsIt’s all behind you. The stress, planning and executing of last night’s cocktail party was all worth it. Your friends were wildly impressed and the night was a hit. But, unfortunately your floor also took a hit from a couple of wine glasses.

Luckily, you also know you have your Kirby vacuum attachments and Kirby cleaning products. These can help you clean up more than just everyday messes; they can also help you deep clean your carpet and battle tough wine stains.

We always recommend that you treat stains as soon as you can, but we understand that during a party isn’t the best time. So, when you do get a chance here’s what you should do for wine stain removal:

  1. First, treat the stained area using Kirby Multi-Purpose Spot Remover with OXYApply the cleaner liberally to the area and work into the carpet with a clean white cloth.
  2. Allow the cleaner to penetrate the stain for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Using clean water and a clean cloth, blot the area repeatedly. If any stain remains, reapply the cleaner and repeat the above steps.
  4. When dry, use your Kirby system to vacuum the area to ensure that no residue is left in the carpet. 
  5. If desired, the entire carpet (not just the stained area) can now be cleaned using the Kirby Carpet Shampoo system and Kirby Carpet Shampoo.

Kirby cleaning solutionsBe prepared for any unexpected stains in your home with Kirby’s complete line of home care products and attachments for all of life’s little accidents.