how to clean area rug

The uses for your Kirby vacuum cleaner don’t end with cleaning your carpets. It works just as well on your rugs! To maintain the beauty and functionality of your rugs, try using the following tips for how to clean an area rug:

  • Vacuum your large area rugs as often as you vacuum your carpets.
  • If a rug is reversible, be sure to vacuum both sides as dirt and grime can prematurely wear out your rug.
  • Rotate your rugs on an annual basis to avoid wear and tear on certain areas.
  • In the canister mode, use the Kirby Surface Nozzle attachment to vacuum delicate area rugs. It uses suction power only to clean (without a spinning brush roll).
  • If you need to to clean an area rug that’s lightweight, try adding the Suction Control Grip to the hose. This attachment allows you to reduce the amount of suction if the full power of the vacuum is too strong.
  • For small rugs, or rugs with pet hair embedded in them, try using the Kirby Zippbrush to clean the rug.

How to Clean a Large Area Rug

By changing the settings on your Kirby Avalir vacuum, you can also use the upright mode to clean many types of area rugs. Use the Toe-Touch Control to raise or lower the cleaning height of the vacuum, and use the Belt Lifter to start or stop the brush roll to accommodate your specific area rug.

For fur, sheepskin or hair-on hide rugs, we recommend you do not use your vacuum. These require special attention to maintain the fur.

If the area rugs you bought to add style and personality to your room are dingy and dirty, they’re not doing their job. Luckily, cleaning them doesn’t have to be much work. Gone are the days when people would shake out area rugs or beat them thanks to your versatile Kirby vacuum cleaner.

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