How to Use a Kirby Shampooer

The Kirby carpet shampooer system lets you avoid the costs and hassle of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company or renting cumbersome equipment. Instead, simply convert your Avalir cleaning system into a carpet shampooer by removing the power nozzle and the filter bag and attaching the Multi-Surface Shampoo System to the unit.Kirby carpet shampooer

Once the unit is assembled, use it to deep clean your carpeting:

  1. Step on the upper pedal of the Toe-Touch Control until the system is at its lowest position.
  2. Turn the Suds Control Valve to the Carpet Setting, then turn the unit on. You will see as you move the Kirby vacuum shampooer back and forth, foam will release and the brush will work it into your carpet. We recommend shampooing smaller sections of carpet at a time.
  3. Turn the Suds Control Valve to the off position. Go back over the shampooed carpet in multiple directions to really get that shampoo deep into the carpet.
  4. Keep an eye on the Waste Tray while you shampoo. There are indicators on the edge and when you see liquid filling the area below, it is time to empty it. Turn the unit off before removing the tray and emptying it.
  5. Allow the carpet to dry completely. Kirby’s unique shampoo will encapsulate the dirt as it dries so that it can be easily vacuumed away. Once the carpet is dry, convert the Avalir back to an upright vacuum and use it to remove any dry residue left over after shampooing.

Use Your Kirby Portable Shampooer for Stairs

Cleaning stairs with Kirby vacuum shampooerNeed to shampoo the stairs? Your Avalir can do that too! It comes with a portable shampoo attachment for those harder to reach areas. All done! Enjoy your fresh and clean carpets.

For additional information on the Kirby Avalir shampoo system, visit  the Avalir owner’s manual.