Woman vacuuming couch with Kirby attachmentsWhere to begin? There’s no better place to start your family room deep clean than your sofa. It is the one place in your family room that suffers the most wear and tear. If your sofa looks clean, everything else in the room will instantly look better.

Use the following ideas to start cleaning your family room:

  • Use the Kirby duster brush attachment to remove built-up dust from tabletops, chairs, table legs, bookshelves and nick knacks.
  • Use the Kirby extension wands to search for cobwebs in hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling corners and under furniture.
  • Use the crevice tool on your Kirby vacuum to clean crumbs, lint and dust that have accumulated under cushions and along the baseboards of the floor.
  • Clean all commonly touched areas with disinfectant wipes. Be sure to check light switches, phones, doorknobs and lamp switches.
  • Use glass cleaner to clean both the insides and outsides of your windows. Remove screens and wipe in the window tracks. Use the Kirby duster brush to vacuum window blinds.
  • Use yourKirby Avalir vacuum cleaner to shine your hard wood floors and to vacuum any carpeting in your family
  • This is a good time to update photo frames with new pictures of your family and friends as well as remove any unnecessary clutter that has built-up over time.

Family Room Storage and Organization

Part of cleaning your family room is getting rid of clutter. Magazines that have piled up, extra blankets thrown around and messy entertainment credenzas can make an otherwise clean room look like a mess. Recycle those old papers, and put anything you plan to keep around tucked away in an organized fashion. Invest in a rack or box to hold DVDs and a basket for excess throw pillows and blankets. You can still keep those everyday items you want close by, just with a more organized and appealing system.