There is a history behind Kirby vacuums. Jim Kirby developed his first model in 1906.  The Kirby Company has enhanced and improved its American made vacuum designs ever since.

A Man With Big Ideas

Jim Kirby, FounderBest known for the home care system that bears his name, Jim Kirby was an inventor for most of his adult life. His goal in life was to reduce or eliminate drudgery wherever it existed. More than 200 patents and a host of products still used today are a tribute to his career success.

The first model he developed in 1906 employed water for dirt separation. After noticing the inconvenience of emptying dirty water, he began his pursuit for better ideas. In 1907, he developed a vacuum that pushed dirty air into a cloth bag that filtered out the dirt.

Jim continued improving and enhancing his vacuum designs to create the best upright vacuum cleaner and began commercial production of his products after World War I. In 1925, the Vacuette Electric, with its removable floor nozzle and handle, became the forerunner of today’s multi-attachment model and was the birth of what was to become the world famous convertibility feature of the modern Kirby home care system.

Kirby provides business opportunitiesThe Need for Product Demonstration

Kirby became a direct-selling organization in the 1920s, pioneering the use of in-home demonstrations to introduce the Kirby home care system to consumers. The goal was to give consumers the opportunity to see and try the Kirby vacuum cleaner in their own home before they made a purchase.

Thousands of people worldwide have benefited from this sales model through limitless opportunities to own and operate their own businesses as independent Kirby vacuum salesmen and Distributors.

Opportunity has Universal Appeal

Today, Kirby home care systems are sold in more than 55 countries, allowing millions of satisfied Kirby owners to enjoy cleaner homes with less effort.

We still run our company on the same fundamentals Jim Kirby established over 100 years ago. It is our goal to maintain his vision and continue providing superior quality home care systems and the best upright vacuum cleaners for our loyal Kirby owners all over the world.

A Scott Fetzer Company

The Kirby Company is proud to be a member of The Scott Fetzer Company. Starting as a machine shop in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio, The Scott Fetzer Company was founded by George Scott and Carl Fetzer. They partnered with Jim Kirby to produce his first vacuum cleaners. The Kirby vacuum cleaner remained the Scott Fetzer Company’s mainstay product until the 1960s, when it began a program of expansion and acquisition. Today, Scott Fetzer is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of high quality products for the home, family, and industry comprised of more than 20 businesses. You can learn more about The Scott Fetzer Company at

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