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In-Home Demonstrations for Kirby Vacuum Sales

Why Sell Door-to-Door? Kirby Salesperson greeting customers at the door

For over 100 years, The Kirby Company has sold its home care systems through in-home demonstrations by authorized, independent Distributors.

It’s the only way we sell our product.

We firmly believe that every buyer deserves the opportunity to try our cleaning system in the comfort of their own home. There’s simply no better way to experience a Kirby salesman demonstrate the superior cleaning power of the Kirby vacuum home care system than on your floors and your furnishings.


Protect Your Investment

Factory-warranted Kirby vacuum systems are only sold by independent, authorized Kirby Distributors through in-home demonstrations.

Purchased from an Authorized Distributor Purchased through Unauthorized Resellers including eBay, Craigslist and other Internet resale sites
Backed by a 3 Year Limited Warranty NO Kirby Company warranty
Exclusive Rebuild Plan NO Kirby rebuild plan
Fire Replacement Plan NO Kirby fire replacement plan
Made with Genuine Kirby parts UNCERTAINTY. Unit may contain replaced or repaired parts or non-Kirby parts.
Manufactured by The Kirby Company since 1914 UNAUTHORIZED. May have received inadequate repair or service by unauthorized service centers
Customer Service Center UNPROVEN sellers: will they be here tomorrow to assist you?
Peace of mind. Your investment is protected. DOUBT.

We Thought You’d Like to Know

Kirby dealer letting customer try the vacuumFrom time to time Kirby® systems are inaccurately advertised for sale as NEW on the Internet and in unauthorized retail stores.

The Kirby Company exclusively markets its vacuum cleaning system to authorized, independent Distributors for retail sale. To ensure that customers obtain the most comprehensive instructions on the many features offered on the Kirby system, factory-warranted machines are ONLY sold through in-home demonstrations presented through authorized distributorships.

Factory-warranted Kirby vacuum sales are never advertised or conducted by retail stores or over the Internet as such sources are unauthorized. Additionally, these unauthorized sources cannot offer the benefit of The Kirby Company’s quality product protection, as only machines sold by authorized distributorships are covered by The Kirby Company’s warranty plan.

In an effort to protect you, the consumer, The Kirby Company aggressively investigates unauthorized facilities and Internet sites and pursues appropriate action to assure that your decision to purchase a Kirby system is based upon accurate and truthful information obtained through an in-home demonstration.

The Kirby Company sympathizes with consumers deceived by unauthorized sellers. However, The Kirby Company is unable to provide assistance to consumers who have purchased Kirby systems through these unauthorized sources.

If you have any questions, your authorized Distributor is there to assist you.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Kirby family.

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