What Can You Do With a Kirby Home Care Deep Cleaning Vacuum System?

While most vacuum cleaners feature a few functions and accessories to help you clean your home, the Kirby Avalir® system offers 12 separate machines in one easy-to-operate system. Your Kirby Avalir home care system converts to a: Kirby vacuum inflates pool toy
  • Deep-Cleaning Upright
  • Carpet Shampoo System
  • Turbo-Powered Pet-Hair Vacuum
  • Canister Vacuum
  • Hardwood Vacuum
  • Tile & Grout Cleaner
  • Hard Floor Cleaner and Mop
  • Hand-Held Portable
  • Straight Suction Upright
  • Portable Workshop for sanding, buffing and scouring
  • Portable Carpet Shampooer
  • Air Pump

Unique Ways to Use Your Kirby

Your Kirby home care system can do a lot – it’s a carpet cleaning vacuum, and it’s perfect as a vacuum for hardwood floors, upholstery and even curtains. But, it isn’t JUST a vacuum. Here are some fun ways your Kirby can come through for you in a pinch that don’t even involve cleaning:
  • Inflate your air mattress for guests
  • Spray paint for home improvement or craft projects
  • Blow up rafts and other pool toys for summer fun
  • Sand down and buff DIY projects such as tables and chairs

Kirby Deep Cleaning Vacuums Offer Everything You Need

Kirby system can be used as a portable sprayerBy investing in a Kirby vacuum, you are investing in a lifetime cleaning system. There will never be a need for you to fill your closet with multiple appliances, spend a ton of money on rental equipment, or hire costly professionals. With the Avalir home care system, you have everything you could possibly need at your fingertips. Schedule a demo today.