Deep cleaning upright Kirby vacuum

The Kirby Avalir is a Powerful, Deep-Cleaning Upright Vacuum

The Avalir® upright vacuum cleaner can be used for a variety of cleaning jobs within and around your home. One of the most beneficial ways to use the Avalir is as a deep-cleaning upright vacuum.

The Kirby Avalir is a powerful deep cleaner vacuum, providing:

  • Deep-Down Clean – Spinning at 3,200 revolutions per minute, the durable nylon bristles of the brush roll loosen even the toughest dirt and debris.
  • Superior Suction – The design of our system puts the full power of the motor close to the brush roll. This creates superior air flow and strong suction.
  • Correct Height – The Avalir system can be adjusted to the proper height for any type of floor using the simple toe-touch control. Get the correct cleaning height without bending down.

Our deep-cleaning Kirby upright vacuum is designed to work on a variety of carpet types. Using the Straight Suction feature on your vacuum, you can even vacuum delicate carpets, throw rugs, or use it as a hard floor vacuum.

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