Kirby system cleans and polishes hard floors

Clean Hard Surface Floors with Ease

When your hard-surface floors start to lose their luster, it can make your entire room look dingy and dull. Luckily, the Kirby Avalir vacuum can be used as a hard surface floor cleaner:

  • Turn the brush roll off to use the system as a straight suction hard floor vacuum.
  • Use the optional Multi-Surface Shampoo System to gently damp mop wood floors.
  • Apply a lustrous shine to hard floor surfaces using the Multi-Surface Shampoo System with the optional Miracle Shine kit. This special rotary mop applies a thin layer of polymer to floors leaving a long-lasting glossy finish.
  • Uneven tile floors and difficult-to-clean grout lines are no match for the optional tile and grout kit. When used with the Multi-Surface Shampoo System, its multi-level bristles reach into all the nooks and crannies to remove dirt.

Salesperson explains Kirby multi-surface shampoo systemGet your hard-surface floors noticeably clean without getting on your hands and knees. The Multi-Surface Shampoo System can be used with different mops and brush rolls to clean all types of hard surface floors including linoleum, tile, and hardwood.

Find hard floor cleaners from Kirby today and make your home shine.