Shampoo Your Carpets for Less with the Kirby Cleaning System

Kirby Carpet Shampoo System

How can you get carpets that look like they’ve been cleaned by a professional service without the added cost? Believe it or not, with an optional attachment, your Kirby Avalir® vacuum cleaner can easily be converted to a Kirby carpet shampoo system, allowing you to shampoo your own carpets.

There’s also no need to bother renting awkward carpet shampooing equipment that can be hard on your body, hard on your wallet, and hard on your carpets, thanks to the Kirby shampooer.

The Kirby shampoo system features:

  • Quick-drying process
  • Impressive results
  • Convenient cleaning whenever you need it
  • One-piece shampoo base that attaches quickly and easily
  • Self-contained removable Waste Tray that provides easy disposal of waste water

Plus, every Avalir system comes complete with the portable carpet shampooer attachment which can be used for cleaning stairs.

For more information on the Kirby Avalir shampoo attachment, see our carpet shampooer instructions in the Avalir owner’s manual.

Kirby portable shampooer

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