Find Out How Easy Avalir System Owners Have It

Kirby high quality vacuum

Is your closet jammed full with different types of cleaning equipment? Do you have to empty it out to get to the one you need? Most vacuums are only good for one type of cleaning job. Many homeowners own an upright to clean carpets, a portable vacuum for cleaning the stairs, a stick vac for cleaning hard surface floors, and even a bulky carpet shampooer. The cost of all of these cleaners adds up and yet they still struggle to find the right one to meet their cleaning needs.

Check out the Kirby vacuum cleaner reviews to see how Avalir system owners have it easy. With just a few simple steps, they can convert their Kirby Avalir into a powerful upright vacuum, a carpet shampooer, and even a mop for hard surface floors.

The system comes with a wide array of attachments that make it easy to reach high places, difficult angles, and to clean just about every type of surface imaginable.

Not only do we provide Kirby system owners with free in-home instruction on how to use the system, but we also back it up with a user’s manual, convenient 800 number where you can contact us and online user videos should you ever need assistance.

High Quality Vacuum Features of the Kirby Avalir

Some of the features that make our Avalir system easy-to-use include:

Man cleaning tile floor with Kirby system

  • Converts to 12 different units; no need to store multiple cleaners.
  • Wide range of tools makes it easy to clean cracks, ceilings, walls, stairs, upholstery and all types of floors.
  • Shampoo a small stain or an entire room with ease.
  • Thanks to our TechDrive® power assist, it only takes a light touch to push our vacuum.
  • Toe Touch Control gives you the proper cleaning height every time without bending.
  • The handle under the bag allows for easy lifting without having to bend over
  • Stop the brush roll from spinning. This converts the unit into a straight suction cleaner that’s perfect for vacuuming hard-surface floors and delicate carpets.
  • The LED headlight brightens even the darkest corners in your home.
  • and more!

To read more testimonials about the Avalir system, please visit our Kirby vacuum cleaner reviews.

Find out for yourself how easy an Avalir home care system is to operate.