What Makes Us Different

The Kirby Company is committed to producing a home care system of the highest quality, reliability and performance.

We know that these are ideals most companies strive to achieve, but we go above and beyond to back up our beliefs with our Kirby products:


Every part of the Kirby Avalir® vacuum and home care system must meet rigorous standards for durability, function and safety before it is ever installed in the product. On the production line, over 40 quality tests are performed to ensure that every unit is built to perfection.

The Kirby product is certified by over 40 agencies around the world for electrical and safety standards.


Made of durable aluminum parts and high-end polymer resins, Kirby vacuum home care systems are built to provide life-long service.

Each system is backed by a Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Kirby Home Care Systems have been rated #1 in Reliability by a popular consumer products magazine. (March 2014)


Kirby home care systems are versatile, converting into twelve separate units – all powered by the same power plant. The system easily converts to a Deep-Cleaning Upright, a Carpet Shampoo System, Canister Vacuum, Hard Floor Cleaner and more. It’s not just a vacuum; it’s a complete home care system.

With features like HEPA filtration, powerful airflow, and Tech Drive® power assist, the Kirby home care system provides superior cleaning ability.

What else makes a Kirby vacuum system the right investment for your home?

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