Since the early 1920’s, The Kirby Company sales model has been to sell Kirby vacuum home care systems through authorized, independent Distributors.

We do not sell directly to consumers through our website. Our product is not sold over the Internet or in retail stores.

Factory-warranted Kirby vacuum home care systems are exclusively sold through in-home demonstrations.

Kirby Salesperson greeting customers at their doorWhy?

The Kirby Company business model is simple. Selling our products through in-home demonstration ensures that each consumer gets to experience all of the features of the Kirby vacuum home care system to the fullest. Nothing can compare to trying the vacuum firsthand on your floors and furnishings, and the independent Kirby salesman can answer every one of your questions right then and there.

Why Door-to-Door Sales?

It’s important to note that each Distributor of Kirby products is an independent business. They are responsible for locating potential customers, making product presentations and providing customer service. They are not employees of The Kirby Company.

Although you will make your purchase from an authorized, independent seller of our products, The Kirby Company stands behind each and every unit we build. Our Consumer Relations team is available to answer any questions you may have about the operation or maintenance of your Kirby home care system or your specific Kirby vacuum models.