Split Second III


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Product Description

Easily Clean Your Car


Let’s face it, car’s get dirty. Removing everyday dirt and grime up can be a real challenge. The Kirby Split Second III Car Vacuum solves these problems with an easy to use, lightweight car vacuum that plugs right into your car! Simply plug in and turn on to easily remove dirt, hair, food crumbs, dust and debris from car seats, cup holders, floor mats, and more! The long cord lets you easily clean your car and reach any area without problem. The slim nozzle allows you to easily clean in cracks and between seats while the powerful suction quickly picks up dirt and debris.


Using the Split Second III


    1. Unwind power cord from vacuum then plug the Split Second III Car Vacuum into a 12 volt DC outlet.


    1. Press the switch to turn the vacuum ON.


    1. Vacuum car seats, cup holders, floor mats, and anywhere that needs cleaned.


    1. After vacuuming car, remove nozzle by pushing red release button on top of the Split Second III.


    1. Empty dust cup contents into trash bin.


    1. Remove and clean filter.


Remove and clean the filter after every use for best performance. A clogged filter can cause overheating and possibly damage the vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning a Split Second III Filter


    1. Remove filter from Split Second III Car Vacuum.


    1. Slowly rinse filter under running water, and allow to fully air dry for at least 24 hours before replacing into vacuum. (NEVER machine wash or dry filters)


After vacuuming, if a stain is still present use Kirby Spot Removers to clean car cushions and other fabrics.


Additional Information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 4 x 4 in