Why Does My Vacuum Need It?

Kirby vacuums are easy to push

Every Avalir® system comes fully equipped with TechDrive® power assist, an innovative feature exclusive to Kirby vacuum systems.

What does it do?

TechDrive power assist practically eliminates the effort required to move your Avalir vacuum cleaner back and forth. It’s not a self-propelled vacuum cleaner that drags you along behind it; TechDrive power assist senses both the direction you want to go as well as how fast or slow you are moving the system. This makes it easier for you to clean large areas without fatigue.

How does it work?

To engage the Kirby vacuum TechDrive power assist feature, simply push down the “D,” or drive pedal. To turn off TechDrive power assist, push the Pedal back to “N,” or neutral. It’s that simple.

Like a car, having TechDrive power assist in drive when the unit is running makes it easier to vacuum. Putting TechDrive power assist in neutral when the motor is off makes it easier to push without power.

Still have questions?

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