The Road to Success as an independent Kirby salesman or woman leads to becoming a successful independent Kirby Distributor. While it can take years to advance in other careers, in the Kirby business, your hard work can result in leadership opportunities at a rapid pace.

Kirby Salesman: Independent Dealer

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A Kirby salesman begins his or her career as an independent Dealer. In this position, they present the Kirby system to consumers and benefit financially with each sale they make. As the Dealer gains new skills and develops an understanding of the business, he or she has the ability to accept new responsibilities and move into leadership positions at a rapid pace.



Kirby Salesman: Leadership Positions

The independent Kirby Dealer works with an authorized independent Kirby Distributor. The Distributor purchases Kirby units directly from The Kirby Company and seeks salesmen to go out and demonstrate the system to interested consumers.

Depending on the size of the organization, a Distributor may have as many as 100 or more independent Dealers, leadership people, and office staff working together to sell the Kirby product. The Distributor continually seeks people to serve as leaders in the following areas:

  • Team Leader
    This person works with a small group of Dealers on a daily basis. The Team Leader is a mentor, helping the Dealer secure demonstration appointments, present the product to the consumer, and write up sales contracts.
  • Dealer Power Specialist
    The Dealer Power Specialist (DPS) is responsible for recruiting new independent Dealers. This person places ads for new people on the internet and in newspapers, conducts interviews, and leads the new Dealer orientation.

Kirby Salesman: Independent Distributor Trainee

Independent Kirby Distributor Trainee PinIn as little as five months (of 15 personal Kirby unit sales per month), an independent Dealer can be approved by his or her Distributor to become a Distributor Trainee. In this position, the salesperson begins operating his or her own organization with the support and advice of the Distributor. The Trainee locates a business office, begins recruiting Dealers, builds up inventory, and takes on the challenges and rewards of operating a larger-scale business.


Kirby Salesman: Independent, Authorized Distributor

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Again, in as little as five months, the Distributor Trainee can be approved by The Kirby Company to become an authorized Distributor. This Kirby salesman has proven their ability to run a large organization. The Distributor benefits financially by purchasing the Kirby system directly from the factory and has the greatest earning potential.


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