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Like thousands of authorized, independent Kirby Distributors and Dealers around the world, you can also enjoy unlimited opportunity for personal, professional and financial growth.

Read some of the successes independent Distributors and Dealers have had. It might just inspire you to take control of your future and start building the career you’ve always wanted.

“I had an engineering job, but it was mundane and was going nowhere. I took the chance and became a Kirby Dealer. Since then, my life has totally changed.”

Leon Thomas, Durham, North Carolina
Independent Kirby Distributor

“I was 18 and about to go into the Army. The only reason I wanted to join the Army was to get out of this freezing, cold little town in northern Michigan where I grew up. … My brother needed help in his Kirby office and asked me to be a secretary for him. I watched a few demos and decided to give it a try. I sold 16 and have been in the field ever since.”

Tesha Finley of Greenville, South Carolina
Independent Kirby Distributor

“Being independent was a better way of life. … I wanted to be successful; I just had to find my niche and Kirby gave me that opportunity.”

Phillip “Tony” Bryan of Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Independent Kirby Distributor

“Instead of being a job, it’s an opportunity. Instead of waking up every morning to work, you wake up to win.”

Sergio Craveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
Independent Kirby Distributor


“I really enjoy running my own business instead of working for someone else. As a Kirby Distributor, I have the financial independence to pursue the things I want to. One of the most fulfilling things for me is to help others who might not have had an opportunity to succeed outside of the Kirby business.”

Laurie Brosette, Conroe, Texas
Independent Kirby Distributor

I had never done sales before and this was my first time. I wanted to try it because sales is a good experience. The most important thing I learned, so far, is to be personable … I  took that piece of advice to heart.”

Anthony Haigh, Independent Dealer and College Scholarship Winner 2012
College Student University of Vermont

“I didn’t sell anything for the first few weeks, but I didn’t give up. The second month, I sold a lot and got the top prize for the month. I’m a people person. All I had to do is get the confidence to do it right.”

Chris Waters, Independent Dealer and College Scholarship Winner 2012
College Student State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport


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