uphighDon’t be discouraged by areas that are more difficult to reach in your home like corners, spaces behind furniture and ceilings. These spaces are important to clean, and are magnets for allergens like dust and pet hair. The good news is your Kirby attachments are made to fit into just about any area of your home. The hose, wall and ceiling brush, brushes, extension tubes and more ensure a top-to-bottom clean.attachments







  • Use your Kirby attachments to clean hard-to-reach areas such as stairs, ceilings, corners and fan blades.
  • The Surface Nozzle lets you reach under low furniture
  • The Crevice Tool makes it easy to clean between couch cushions or along base boards
  • The Extension Wands give you extra reach for ceilings and bookshelves
  • The Suction Control Grip can be used to adjust the level of suction for delicate items like lampshades
  • Don’t forget areas like draperies, shelves and behind furniture
  • Use the flat wall and ceiling brush behind the TV which build up dust from the static electricity of your electronics.

Staying on top of these hard to reach areas will benefit you and your family in the long run. Wondering how to vacuum behind furniture? During your cleanings, if you are able, pull couches and chairs away from the wall. You may need some help for this part if you need to actually lift the piece of furniture. Vacuum behind with your Kirby system to get rid of the dust build-up that’s been hiding back there. If you can only tug the piece of furniture away a little bit, use your long attachments to reach back as far as possible. Just because you can’t see the dirt, doesn’t mean it’s not there!