How to Clean Your Furnace Filter

cleaning furnaceBefore running your furnace for the first time each year, make sure you change or clean your furnace filter. It’s best to continue changing your filter once a month if it’s disposable. This will help keep your furnace working efficiently and will help keep the air circulating in your home clean and fresh.

When cleaning furnace filters, you’ll first want to turn off the HVAC system. Once you open the service panel (this may or may not require a screwdriver), check out how much dust has adhered to the filter. If you can’t see through it, it needs to be cleaned or tossed. Even if it’s only a little dirty, you’ve already pulled it out and may as well clean it. If your filter is reusable, give the dust a rinse and replace it once it’s dry. If you have a disposable filter, toss the dirty one and replace it.

Clean Up Around the Filter

Don’t forget to also clean around the furnace. Grab your Kirby home care system to take care of those dust bunnies and any other debris that has settled around your furnace.

In addition to improving the indoor air quality that you breathe in, a clean furnace filter can actually reduce your heating bill, offering an additional incentive to clean or replace yours regularly.