Kirby vacuum replacement brushrolls

Your Kirby system should last a lifetime. With proper upkeep and care your system will work like new even after years of use. When a part breaks or stops running like it should, we offer all of the replacement vacuum parts you need, including vacuum bag replacements and brush rolls. To protect the life of your Kirby system and to ensure proper cleaning results, use only genuine Kirby vacuum cleaner parts.

Here are a few essential vacuum accessories and replacement parts that you may need:

Brushes: Over time, the bristles on the brush roll wear down. When this happens, the adjustable brush roll can be extended to provide better cleaning performance. With continued use however, it will need to be replaced. In addition to our standard brush roll, we offer options for delicate carpets and rugs as well as brush rolls specifically designed to avoid pet hair entanglement.

Attachments: The Zipp Brush is an air-powered spinning brush that loosens dirt and other soil for a powerful deep clean. It works great on stairs and upholstery.

Hoses: Kirby offers vacuum hoses in 12 foot collapsible stretch as well as 7 and 12 foot lengths. If your hose has suffered years of use and is due for a replacement, we have the products to match your vacuum system.

Vacuum Bag Replacements: Be sure to replace the disposable filter bag whenever it reaches the “full” line. This allows for proper airflow and provides the best filtration. 

Belts: Shop for the genuine Kirby belts that are designed specifically for the Kirby vacuum and shampoo system.

Find a local Kirby Distributor now to help with all of your vacuum parts needs or shop online.