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Praise for Our Product: Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Reviews & Testimonials

Read Kirby Vacuum Reviews  Boy showing off Kirby vacuum cleaner

For more than 100 years, Kirby Company home care systems have helped millions of families around the world live happier in their homes. Check out our Kirby upright vacuum cleaner reviews and see for yourself what Kirby vacuum owners have to say about our products.

We’ve made cleaning quick and easy, giving you more time to enjoy the important things in life, while also providing peace of mind that your home is a clean and inviting environment for family and guests.

Kirby Company Avalir systems also work hard to help you protect the investment you’ve made in flooring and furnishings. But, we don’t like to brag, so read our Kirby vacuum cleaner reviews and testimonials and find out what Kirby vacuum owners have to say below:

Want to tell us about your Kirby vacuum cleaner? We’d love to hear your Kirby Avalir reviews!

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This guy shows up at my door wanting to demonstrate a Kirby … I had this room where the beige carpet was just looking awful, my son’s bedroom, spills, etc, stained bad. I had been covering with rugs. I said if you can make this carpet clean I will buy it! I’ll be darned if he didn’t get that carpet looking like new! So I wrote him a check. That was one year ago. I have never regretted it. I do not have to pay a carpet cleaner once or twice a year now, and it fires up and works perfect every time! I love it. … With vacuum cleaners you get what you pay for. If you buy a $100.00 vacuum it will be okay for maybe a couple months if your lucky but it won’t be long before it goes and then you have to buy another one.

- Greg Jay
YouTube Comment

… I don’t see any other manufacturers that care about their vacuum’s reliability as Kirby does. All I hear about is how much suction a vacuum has, not reliability …  keep doing what you do. Never make your vacuums like every one else does. That’s what make a Kirby special 🙂

- Nathaniel A.

I am working room to room in our house cleaning everything with Mr Kirby. Base boards, crown molding, furniture [dust of course], pictures, mirrors [a breeze with the horse hair brush and extension pieces, as well as (around) the TV and other media devices that attract so much dust with their static charges. I had already cleaned all of the ceiling fans in one session. Lamps–the shades and the bases. Then there are the blinds and window sills and frames–Oh yes, the carpet! After I have used the Kirby to extract as much dirt as possible that my old vacuums left behind, the shampoo kit will finish … Thank you again! Mr Kirby and I have more work to do.

- Teddy L.

The new Avalir exceeded my expectations… I think one of the best surprises was the new shampoo system design. It is easier to use and cleanup compared to the old style. It also appears to do a better job cleaning and fluffing carpet. The new brush system grooms very well. That alone is noteworthy for an upgrade. … I would recommend this system to anyone that wants an all in one cleaning machine.

- Rodney S.
Gap, PA

I lost my diamond ring about 4 month ago. I was heart broken even though my wonderful husband was willing to buy me a new one this year for our 10th anniversary. I was consoled but it wouldn’t be the same. As time went on I stopped looking for the stone thinking I would never see it again. In the meanwhile I bought a Kirby vac. [Diamond Edition] and although I sweep daily with my other vac, it was time to try the new Kirby. While sweeping the bedroom I saw something shinny as the headlight went across the floor … when I picked it up it was the stone from my ring I had lost 4 months ago! So the point I would like to make is that your vacuum pulled the diamond out of the carpet when my old vac didn’t and the fact the it was a Diamond edition just made it better. Thanks Kirby.

- Sandra G.
Mifflinburg, PA

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