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Praise for Our Product: Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Reviews & Testimonials

Read Kirby Vacuum Reviews  Boy showing off Kirby vacuum cleaner

For more than 100 years, Kirby Company home care systems have helped millions of families around the world live happier in their homes. Check out our Kirby upright vacuum cleaner reviews and see for yourself what Kirby vacuum owners have to say about our products.

We’ve made cleaning quick and easy, giving you more time to enjoy the important things in life, while also providing peace of mind that your home is a clean and inviting environment for family and guests.

Kirby Company Avalir systems also work hard to help you protect the investment you’ve made in flooring and furnishings. But, we don’t like to brag, so read our Kirby vacuum cleaner reviews and testimonials and find out what Kirby vacuum owners have to say below:

Want to tell us about your Kirby vacuum cleaner? We’d love to hear your Kirby Avalir reviews!

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I love my 30 yr. old Kirby Heritage II. The only thing that has ever needed to be replaced in 30 years are the disposable bags. It is 1,000 times better than any of the newer vacuums out today. Even the bagless systems offered by Bissel, Hoover, Eureka and Dirt Devil don’t even come close to the cleaning capacity of my Kirby (each of my family members own them). If you ever need a testimonial about the durability and quality of the Kirby, I would be so happy to help.

- Lin M.
Vinton, Virginia

I have owned my Kirby G4 for 21 years. I cannot say enough good things about your products. My husband thought he would “upgrade” a few years ago and bought a Dyson. Well, after about a week of side-by-side testing, we both agreed to return the Dyson and stuck with the 21-year-old Kirby (vacuum).

- Dianna R.
Farmington Hills, MI

We have had this Kirby (vacuum) since 1986 when we purchased it. It has worked perfectly. In October 2012, the house was flooded by super storm Sandy. Every electronic motor in the house was inoperable; other vacuums, washer, dryer, fridge, power tools. But, the Kirby STILL WORKED and STILL WORKS TODAY!

- Vermell M.
Atlantic City, NJ

I purchased a Kirby Heritage in 1984. I still use that same Kirby 30 years later. When I purchased it people said things like “Kirby’s are overpriced; they are too heavy.” I now say to all of you, “How many vacuums have you been through in 30 years and how much have you spent?” I LOVE my Kirby just as much if not more than I did the day I bought it! Thanks for making one of the few, made-to-last products in the world!


- Karen L.
St. Louis, MO

I work in the shipyards, as a repair and maintenance mechanic. Trust me, I know “big and bad,” as well industrially strong.

I found this (1948) 508 Kirby, buried in the corner of this building we cleaned out … in sad shape I first thought … brought it home … cleaned everything. I fired that bad boy up and that impeller air pump so to speak, came to life. The chained hanging bag blew to life like a guard dog at the end of it’s leash. Laughing, I dropped it to the lowest setting and the suction of this 508 locked itself to the area rug we were on. I had to move it up a notch just to push it around.

What else can I say … this 66 year old vacuum puts a lot of equipment to shame … Good Job fellas!

- Glenn K.
Lakewood, WA

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