Multi-Surface Shampoo System+

The Kirby® Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus is the all-in-one floor cleaning solution you have been waiting for! This must-have accessory gives you all the attachments you need to shampoo carpeting, gently mop hard floors, scrub tile and grout, and even polish your hardwood surfaces!

By pairing a series of interchangeable brush rolls and mops with Kirby’s® specially formulated cleaning solutions, the Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus provides the right level of washing power for any type of floor, making it the perfect multi-surface floor cleaner!

While the original Multi-Surface Shampoo System is still available, the new Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus adds the ability to scrub tile & grout and polish hardwood floors all in one helpful accessory!

What’s included?

  • Multi-Surface Shampoo System
  • 12 oz. Carpet Shampoo
  • 12 oz. Hard Floor Cleaner (Now for use on Tile & Grout!)
  • 12 oz. Miracle Shine
  • Carpet Shampoo brush roll
  • Rotary Mop brush roll
  • Tile & Grout brush roll
  • Striped Rotary Mop brush roll
  • One Belt
  • Two sprayers for the Hard Floor Cleaner and Miracle Shine

Carpet Shampooer

Convert your Avalir system into a carpet shampooer for professional quality cleaning without the price tag of a professional service. The removable waste tray makes cleanup a breeze, and our unique dry-foam system uses less water, which means that carpets dry faster. Install the Multi-Surface Shampoo System with the Carpet brush roll. Dilute the Kirby® Carpet Shampoo per label directions then begin cleaning in small sections. For those with animals, try our Kirby® Pet Owner’s Carpet Shampoo formulated with enzymes to clean your carpets while eliminating smells caused by the four-legged members of your family.

Carpet Before & After

Hard Floor Cleaner

Not every home is made up entirely of carpet, and these areas can be some of the dirtiest places in the home! From laminate entrances to linoleum kitchen floors, the Avalir system easily converts into a damp mopping system to clean any hard floor in your house. After installing the Multi-Surface Shampoo System with the Rotary Mop brush roll installed, simply spray on the Kirby® Hard Floor Cleaner or use our concentrated Hard Floor Cleaner for large areas to clean your hard floors. The liquid cleaner easily removes dirt and stains, while the removable tray catches the suds, making clean up quick and easy!

Hard Surface Before & After

Tile & Grout Cleaner

The beauty of owning a Kirby® Home Care System with the Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus is you now have the ability to scrub tile & grout! Simply install the Multi-Surface Shampoo System with the Tile & Grout brush roll installed to clean, scrub and beautify your tile & grout floors. The Kirby® Tile & Grout Pre-Treat is a powerful cleaner that is applied on grout joints prior to scrubbing. After letting the Kirby® Tile & Grout Pre-Treat sit on the grout joints for up to 5-10 minutes, spray on the Kirby® Hard Floor Cleaner and scrub away! Dirt and grime is easily removed from the tile surface while the staggered Tile & Grout brush roll reaches deep into grout joints to remove tough built-up dirt.

Tile & Grout Before & After

Miracle Shine

Over time, wood floors tend to get scratched up, scuffed and lose the shine they once had. After cleaning your floors, use Kirby® Miracle Shine to bring back the high gloss look you once knew. Install the Multi-Surface Shampoo System with the Striped Rotary Mop Brush Roll and spray on Kirby® Miracle Shine. This premium floor finish contains polyethylene and acrylic polymers which form a durable scuff-resistant coating. Floors treated with Kirby® Miracle Shine require very little maintenance.

Miracle Shine Before & After

The new Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus gives you everything you need to maintain beautiful floors no matter what type of surface. From cleaning carpeting to hard floors to tile & grout, the Multi-Surface Shampoo System Plus is the all-in-one accessory that every homeowner will enjoy.