Kids' crafts - getting paint out of carpet

Every parent wants to promote creativity in their children. Art is an important part of self-expression, independence and promoting imagination. But, these kids’ crafts can also be a source of stains on your furniture, your carpets and your kids’ clothes.

Kirby home care products can help you tackle those messy glue, crayon, marker and paint stains that are bound to end up everywhere except on the paper.




How to Clean Paint Out of Carpet and Other Tips

Kids’ craft stains are usually divided into oil-based and non-oil based types. Unfortunately, with children and crafts, it can be hard to tell most of the time what the stain is or even how it occurred.

Kirby Citrus Split adhesive removerThe Kirby Company has products for the busy mom who needs quick and immediate results when the crafts come out:

  • Citrus Split: This Kirby adhesive remover will handle just about anything you can throw at it from the world of crafts, art, or hobbies. Use it to remove decals, tape and adhesive residue. With a mild citrus scent, it is excellent for use on hard surfaces.
  • Kirby Multi-Purpose Spot Remover: A general purpose spot remover for carpets and fabric that no home should be without. It can handle a wide variety of stains on soft surfaces without the fear of any residue being left behind. Wondering how to get marker out of carpet? This is your product! Simply spray the rich foam onto the area and blot or rub away.


Don’t let stains stop you from letting your little ones express their creativity…even if it’s messy. Just make sure you invest in all the Kirby home care products you need to keep the glitter, glue and paints off your carpets and upholstery.