Dog next to stain on carpetWe love our pets, but could really do without their stains and odors on our carpets, hardwood and upholstery. Fortunately, there are cleaning methods and products that allow us to remove these unfavorable situations from our homes.

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Stains

It’s important to clean up pet stains on carpet and fabrics as soon as possible. This will decrease the likelihood of the stain and odor setting in. If the stain has gone unnoticed, a deeper clean might be necessary.

  • If the area is still wet, soak up as much of the mess as possible first. Use a bunch of paper towels to pick up the wetness until the area is barely damp.
  • If you are able, place the soaked paper towels in the area where your pet is meant to relieve themselves – i.e. the litterbox or outdoor area. This will be a nice reminder to your pet about their designated potty area.
  • Kirby carpet shampoo pet stain cleanerTry a spray-on pet stain and odor remover. Spray directly onto the stain, let sit and then wipe with a clean cloth. Enzymes fight odors and remove stains from vomit, urine and feces.
  • If the stain is deep-set, use a carpet shampoo designed for pet owners. A carpet shampoo that contains enzymes will attack stains and odors while it cleans and deodorizes, leaving your carpet fresh. When you convert your Kirby Avalir into a carpet shampooer, you get a quick-drying process and convenient pet stain cleaner.
  • To remove stains from upholstery you’ll follow similar steps to those above. Use your portable shampooer to clean sofas, chairs and other furniture (Be sure to test on a small inconspicuous area first.).

Pet Stain Removal from Hard Surfaces

Pet messes on hard surfaces can mean easy clean-up or a real hassle. While linoleum may just require a quick sweep and mop, wood floors need a little more finesse.

  • Pick up, sweep or vacuum any debris that is sitting on the hard floor. Turn the brush roll off on your vacuum to use the system as a straight suction hard floor cleaner.
  • Try a hard floor spray pet stain cleaner. Simply spray it onto the surface and wipe clean, no rinsing required and safe for hardwood!
  • If that doesn’t cut it, you might need to use your Kirby Avalir to damp mop your floors. It can be used with different mops and brush rolls to clean all types of hard surface floors.
  • Apply a lustrous shine to hard floor surfaces using the Multi- Surface Shampoo System with the optional Miracle Shine kit. This special rotary mop applies a thin layer of polymer to floors leaving a long-lasting glossy finish.

How to Remove Pet Odors from the Home

Using the cleaning methods above should help with removing odors. Most cleaning products contain odor neutralizers in addition to cleansers. But if your home just needs a little freshening up, there are some fresheners you can use to help.

  • Kirby Home Fresh Carpet DeodorizerCarpet Freshener Powder: Carpet freshener is a powder that you sprinkle on the carpet. Leave it on your carpet for a few minutes and then vacuum it up for a fresh-smelling room.
  • Deodorizer: Deodorizer drops can be used for a variety of smelly situations. Soak a cotton ball and throw it in your vacuum bag or add it to a garbage can, sneakers or other foul-smelling items.
  • Scent Tabs: Scent tabs neutralize vacuum cleaner exhaust. Toss them into your vacuum cleaner bag for a nice clean scent.

You can still have a clean and fresh-smelling room – even with pets! Just stay on top of cleaning up messes and fighting odors on a regular basis.