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Glenn K.

I work in the shipyards, as a repair and maintenance mechanic. Trust me, I know “big and bad,” as well industrially strong.

I found this (1948) 508 Kirby, buried in the corner of this building we cleaned out … in sad shape I first thought … brought it home … cleaned everything. I fired that bad boy up and that impeller air pump so to speak, came to life. The chained hanging bag blew to life like a guard dog at the end of it’s leash. Laughing, I dropped it to the lowest setting and the suction of this 508 locked itself to the area rug we were on. I had to move it up a notch just to push it around.

What else can I say … this 66 year old vacuum puts a lot of equipment to shame … Good Job fellas!

- Glenn K.
Lakewood, WA

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