Attic with many things throw and clothes hung out to dry

We often overlook cleaning out our attic until we need to go up there and dig something out. Whether that be holiday decorations, an old bed set, children’s toys or family videos, the items in the attic tend to suffer some neglect, and our handy storage space just collects dust. But we should keep this space in mind, and remember to give it a good cleaning every once in a while.

Use these tips to guide your cleaning efforts:

  • Take everything out and sort through it. Only keep what you know you’ll use in the upcoming year or anything with sentimental value.
  • Purchase sealable storage containers and organize/label everything. This will help you keep track of what’s up there.
  • Make a list of each box and what’s inside. Keep this list near the attic as a reminder the next time you are wondering if you have something packed away.
  • Remember not to store items that can be damaged by extreme temperatures in the attic.
  • Put the things you will access the least towards the back when storing.
  • Thoroughly vacuum to remove any built-up dust.

Attics are also a place where critters can sometimes sneak in. Regularly cleaning up and inspecting your attic can help prevent that from happening. It would be a real shame for antique furniture or old video tapes to be ruined by an invader.

In addition to cleaning our attics to keep the space clean and critter free, it’s a great time to reminisce on the past. Watch those family videos or go through some old clothing. You might end up finding something you really like!