Many people don’t realize it, but dirt and grime can settle on the walls of your home. Even if you don’t have wallpaper, you could be accumulating dust without even knowing it.

Don’t panic. There’s a very simple way to keep your walls and ceiling dust-free for your next get-together.

Let the clean freak in you take over with the Kirby wall and ceiling vacuum attachment. The attachment is perfect for this type of application because it has bristles that prevent scratching your walls, while also helping to loosen any stuck-on dirt.

Use our tips and tricks to learn the best ways for how to clean ceilings and walls:

Man cleaning ceiling with Kirby vacuum attachment

  • The wide surface area of the ceiling and wall brush attachment makes it easy to clean large sections of walls in no time at all.
  • When used with the angled Suction Control Grip, your Kirby brush can be angled to reach the top of bookshelves, window sills and ledges.
  • Can be used to clean dust from the top of ceiling fan blades.
  • If you angle it sideways, you can even reach into corners to remove cobwebs.
  • Brush is flat enough to vacuum walls behind the TV which build up dust from the static electricity of the TV.
  • The multi-functional design can be used to vacuum both flat and sloped ceilings.
  • Don’t forget to reach behind hutches and large pieces of furniture.

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