Remove the Goo of a Cheese Stain with Kirby Cleaning Supplies

During the winter, soup is a big deal. Not only does it help ease the symptoms of a cold, but it also helps soothe a winter chill. But, what happens when you spill some of that broccoli cheese soup or homemade macaroni and cheese on the carpet in your dining room?

Removing Cheese Stains | Cleaning Tips | Kirby SuppliesWhile most stains are no big deal, the stringy, sticky consistency of cheese can cause quite a cleaning headache. If you can, treat the stain immediately.

  • First, use a butter knife or other flat tool to scrap off the solid part of your stain. This will remove any excess and allow you to target the problem areas.
  • After eliminating the excess, spray the entire area with Kirby Spot Remover and allow the stain to soak.
  • Finally, wipe with a sponge.
  • Once finished, use your Kirby vacuum cleaner to vacuum the entire area to ensure that nothing is left behind in your carpeting.

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