Q: What is the N/D pedal on the back of the Kirby for?

A: This is your Neutral/Drive pedal. When you are vacuuming or using the carpet shampooer in the upright position, push down the Drive (D) pedal. This activates Tech Drive® power assist to make pushing your Kirby easy.

For the balance of product usage (i.e. cleaning hard floor surfaces, vacuuming in canister mode with attachment hose, vacuuming in hand held mode, using air pump, turbo accessory, etc.) push down the Neutral (N) pedal.

Q: How can I tell when my disposable bag is full and needs to be replaced?

A: There is a fill line on the disposable bag and when the dirt reaches this line you should replace your disposable bag because it is no longer filtering properly. Be sure to utilize only Genuine Kirby filter bags, available here to ensure your Kirby system is cleaning properly.

Q: Is the outer cloth bag washable?

A: We do not suggest you wash the outer bag or get it wet.

Q: The vacuum is running, but why isn’t it picking up any dirt from the floor?

A: There are a few reasons this may be happening. The vacuum might not be set at the proper height. If the nozzle is too high off the floor, the brush will not reach the floor to clean it properly. To adjust the height, simply press the toe touch pedal on the side of the unit.
Another reason may be because the brush roll is not turning. If the brush roll indicator light on the nozzle is not on, that could mean the following: the brush roll isn’t turning freely or the belt is slipping, broken or not engaged. To engage the brush roll, flip out the belt lifter handle and turn it clockwise until the green arrows line up.
Lastly, you might have a full bag. Check the disposable filter bag to see if it’s full and replace it if it is.

Q: Can I pick up water with my Kirby system?

A: No. Do not use your Kirby to get water off the floor or out of carpet.


Prevent rubbing/burning while using the Multi-Surface Shampoo System

Watch Engineering Manager John Lackner explain how to prevent misalignment issues while installing the brush roll in the Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System.

Q: How much carpet shampoo am I supposed to use in the shampoo system?

A: First and foremost, only use genuine Kirby carpet shampoo with your system. Unscrew the large cap from the shampoo tank and use it to measure carpet shampoo. Do not use the cap from the bottle of the shampoo to measure. For a small room, fill the tank with water to the first line on the side of the tank and add one capful of shampoo. To clean a large room, fill the tank to the third line and add three capfuls of shampoo.

Q: How come there is no foam coming out of the shampoo system?

A: To produce foam properly, the suds screen and foam sponge must be in place on the shampoo tank. To check this, remove the tank and make sure they’re properly in place.

Q: Why is the carpet so wet after shampooing?

A: This could be for one of two reasons. The suds screen and/or foam sponge are not in place. If not in place, this would allow too much water to dispense, over-wetting your carpet.
Repeatedly cleaning the same area would also cause this. To avoid over-wetting moving forward, allow the system to dispense a layer of foam on the carpet and then turn the valve on the shampoo tank to OFF before going back over the area to work in the foam and scrub the carpet.

Q: My shampoo system is not foaming and is letting out a stream of water.

A: Check to make sure you have both your suds screen and sponge in. The suds screen goes in the small hole on the tank, the hose goes over it and the sponge goes in the large hole on the tank.


What is the cost of a Rebuild?

The cost to rebuild the Kirby depends on the model and serial number on the
machine. Call us at 1-800-437-7170 or send us an email at [email protected] for more information.

How long does the process take?

Our current turnaround time is approximately 60 business days from the date the Kirby is received in our Rebuild Department.

Where is the serial number located?

On the older machines the serial number is located on the bottom of the motor unit. On the Classic 2CB through Legend II, the serial number is located on the front of the fancase. Generation 3 through Sentria 2, the serial number is located on the aluminum casting that goes over the motor unit, about  ” down from the edge of the headlight cap, (don’t lift the headlight cap) on the cloth bag side of the machine.

What will be done to my Kirby/What is replaced?

For the older machines through Legend II: We rebuild the Kirby with new parts, polish and buff the metal castings, replace the cloth bag (if you have a Kirby bag and send it in) and replace any of the basic attachments that are worn, broken or cracked. We also give a one-year warranty on all parts and labor. We do nothing with shampoo parts or any other accessories.
For the Generation series Kirby Machines: We replace the brushroll, outer permanent bag, front motor bearing, fan, carbon brushes, cord, lightbulb, belt and all the trim parts such as the wheels, hubcaps and nozzle bumper. We also inspect and replace, repair or rebuild, as needed, the motor armature, rear motor bearing, field coil, all the electrical wiring, switch and Tech Drive. We polish and buff the metal castings, replace any of the basic attachments that are worn, broken or cracked and give a one-year warranty on all parts and labor.

How do I pay for my Rebuild?

Once the Kirby is received in the Rebuild Department, we will send you a letter with the cost for the rebuild, plus tax and return shipping. You can either call us with your credit card information or send a check or money order.

What do I do if I can’t find my original paperwork?

For the older machines up to Heritage I: If you have your manual, there is a page filled out with the model, serial number and year of purchase. We will accept a copy of that information or if you have had the Kirby rebuilt previously, we will accept a copy of the paperwork from that rebuild. The burden or proof is on the original purchaser to provide a copy of their information. Last resort, we will accept the year of purchase.

How do I order parts for my Kirby?

You can order parts by calling 1-800-437-7170 or our e-commerce store on

Who pays return shipping costs?

You can order parts by calling 1-800-437-7170 or our e-commerce store on

What do I send to Kirby?

You can send the motor unit, nozzle with brushroll and belt, cloth bag, (make sure it is emptied out first) and any of the basic attachments that are worn, broken or cracked. No shampoo parts or any other accessories. We do not need any part of the handle.

How will I know that the Company has received by Kirby?

Once the Kirby has been received in our Rebuild Department we will send you a letter
reflecting the cost for the rebuild, plus tax and return shipping.

Is my Kirby still under Warranty?

If the Kirby is more than three years old, the Kirby is no longer under warranty.

To what address do I send my Kirby?

Our address is: Kirby Rebuild Center
4750 West 160th St.
Cleveland, OH 44135


Q: How do I change the belt?

A: Please check out this How-To Video here, with instructions on how to change the belt.

Q: How do I take the nozzle off the front of the unit (and put it back on)?

A: To remove the power nozzle, or front head of the vacuum, first make sure the unit is turned off and is unplugged. Press the Toe-Touch pedal all the way down. Then, raise the headlight hood, pull the belt lifter handle toward you and turn it counterclockwise until the red arrows line up. Once the read arrows are lined up, turn the Accessory Lock counterclockwise, which will release the Power Nozzle. Now you may remove the nozzle and attach your next accessory and lower the hood.

To re-attach the power nozzle, follow the steps above to remove the attached accessory. Once that is off, the belt on the Power Nozzle should be stretched on the hook inside. (If it is not, flip out the belt lifter handle and turn it counterclockwise until the red arrows line up. The hook should catch and stretch the belt inside.) Rest the two hooks on the rear of the Power Nozzle over the attaching bar on the front of the vacuum. Then push the nozzle against the unit and turn the Accessory Lock clockwise to lock in place. Flip out the belt lifter handle and turn it clockwise until the green arrows line up. This will release the belt from the hook to spin the brush roll.

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: For new Kirby Systems purchased from an authorized Distributor or through, there is a three year limited warranty and a Lifetime Factory Rebuild program. Please check here for details on the warranty plan and rebuild program.

Q: Is my warranty transferrable?

A: No, the three year limited factory warranty, Lifetime Factory Rebuild program and Fire Plan are not transferrable. They are only valid for the original owner of the Kirby system and require papers that show proof of original ownership and purchase date.

Q: How come the unit won’t turn on when I press the power button?

A: First, make sure the unit is plugged in, and then check that the accessory connected to the unit is properly attached. Depending on what attachment you’re using, make sure the Power Nozzle, Hose, Carpet Shampoo System or Air Intake Guard is properly attached. Then, check to see if the Mini Emptor, Shampoo Take, or Hose is properly attached to the side. If those are all connected properly, your unit should turn on.

Q: How can I purchase a new Kirby Home Cleaning System?

A: New Kirby systems are sold through authorized independent Kirby Distributors or through Click here to purchase now or click here to find a Distributor near you.

Q: How can I order replacement parts and supplies for my Kirby system or get a local authorized service center?

A: You can contact your local authorized Kirby Distributor listed on your contract. You can also call The Kirby Company at 1-800-437-7170 for a Distributor in your area, or to order supplies over the phone. You can also order on

Q: What can I use to shine the aluminum casting on my unit?

We suggest using Flitz metal polish. You can purchase this polish online or by calling 1-800-437-7170.

Q: It smells like the belt is burning. What is wrong?

A:It is likely the belt isn’t turning freely on the brush roll. Flip out the belt lifter handle and turn it clockwise until the green arrows line up. This will release the belt from the hook in order to turn freely on the brush roll. Make sure to check the brush roll for tangled hairs or debris that may be preventing it from turning.

Q: My Kirby has no power and will not turn on. What do I do?

A: There are two safety switches on your Kirby. One is on the front of the unit and one is on the side where the bag attaches. If there is nothing attached to the front of the unit, such as your floor nozzle, attachment hose or shampoo system, the Kirby will not turn on. This is to prevent injury to you from the fan and prevent damaging the fan. There is also a safety switch on the side of the unit where the bag attaches, or the tank if you are shampooing. If the mini emptor or tank is not snapped tightly against the Kirby you will not have power. You need to remove the bag or tank and put it back on again and make sure it snaps tightly into place.

Q: I want to make a payment on my Kirby or talk to the finance company about balance and/or payment method. Who do I talk to?

A:  For purchases made through, contact us at 1-800-494-8586. For purchases made through an Independent Distributor, please contact your Distributor listed on your contract or check your bank statement to see the name of the finance company.

Q: How can I get a user manual or instruction book for my Kirby vacuum?

A: The owner manuals for all Kirby systems are available here. You can also call The Kirby Company at 1-800-437-7170 to purchase some of the newer model user manuals.

How do I determine the manufacturing date on Kirby cleaning supplies?

To determine the manufacturing date of your cleaning product, locate the date code that has been printed on the bottle. Next, use the guide below to determine the manufacturing date for your bottle of cleaning supplies.



A, B, (…) = 1st batch passed that day, 2nd batch passed that day, (…)
(Y) = last digit of the year juice passed
(DDD) = Julien date of day juice passed


A0001 would be the first batch passed on the date 1/1/2020.