Discover the exceptional cleaning power of the Kirby. Made in the USA, designed for the ultimate clean. Experience the unmatched power and performance through a personalized in-home demonstration. Schedule your demo today and discover the difference firsthand!

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Kirby Avalir 2 vacuum cleaner on carpeting.

Try Before You Buy


    • One-on-one review of the Kirby Avalir 2
    • Personalized cleaning assessment
    • Product delivery & installation
    • Direction on using custom Kirby attachments
    • Includes usage of Carpet Shampoo & Hard Floor Cleaning Accessories
    • Product training & tips for best results


With industry-leading airflow, the Kirby system gets the dirt others leave behind.


Built from die-cast aluminum, the Kirby system is heavy duty and built to last!


Every Kirby Home Cleaning System is hand-crafted in the US by our dedicated team.


Your house is more than a home, so shouldn’t your vacuum be more than a vacuum?


Did you know, every Kirby System is engineered to last roughly 30 years!


See The Kirby Gets The Dirt Your Vacuum Left Behind

Imagine having a Kirby vacuum demonstration right in the comfort of your own home! It’s a game-changer for many reasons. First off, you get to see how this incredible vacuum handles your specific cleaning challenges, like pesky pet hair or stubborn dirt. No more wondering if it’s the right fit for your needs; you’ll witness its power right where it matters most, your own home.

Personalized Cleaning Machine – Try Before You Buy!

Another benefit of the in-home demonstration is you get to ask all the questions you want. The Kirby Dealer will give you personalized advice and tips for cleaning different surfaces, ensuring you’re fully equipped to keep your home spotless. Plus, you’ll see the Kirby in action on your carpets, hardwood floors, upholstery, and more. It’s like trying before you buy, and you’ll be amazed at how versatile and effective it is on every surface.

American-Made & Built To Last

Experiencing an in-home demonstration is the best way to truly understand why the Kirby is so much more than a vacuum. So say goodbye to doubts and hello to a cleaner home with the Kirby vacuum! Schedule your in-home demo today!

The Kirby vacuum quickly converts to a power scrubber ideal for deep cleaning tile and grout floors.

Kirby Owner Testimonials

Hear from REAL Kirby owners from all around the world who love their home cleaning system!


I have a Kirby Avalir2 and the home demo was fantastic!!!

Rebecca D.


Getting my Kirby was exciting. I was 25 when I got it and now I am 90. What a good sweeper!

Velma C.


Had salesperson clean 2 rooms in my house. Great cleaning carpet. Good job.

Carol W.


Just purchased the Avalir II June 8th. Our salesperson Jason did an outstanding job demonstrating just how good this machine is. My mother-in-law owned a Kirby G5 which I always enjoyed using. Was now able to purchase a Kirby and am so glad I did. It’s cleaning power, versatility, and lifetime guarantee make it the best vacuum on the planet. Thank you Jason for stopping by our home. Keep up the great work.

Jack B.


When I had my in home demonstration of the Avalir 2 I was impressed to say the least. I know Kirby has an outstanding reputation for their product, so I knew it would be a wise investment. I have had my Kirby a little over a year and I still get excited every time I vacuum!

Amy K.


In this day and age of disposable garbage there will always be people that are willing to pay for quality and willing to pay to maintain those items. My only hope is that there are enough of those people around to keep companies like Kirby building and servicing high quality products. It shows that Kirby as a company cares about what they build and cares about their customers. Thank you very much for the wonderful products and wonderful service.

Richard P.


Recently I had my Kirby (1974) rebuild. It looks brand new on return. Works great. Has been a very good investment and product. Can’t believe you can still repair it after 45 years.

Phyllis S.


If anyone reading this has any doubt about having their Kirby rebuilt or purchasing a new Kirby, do NOT! They stand behind their products and they are built to last a lifetime. How many vacuum manufacturers are willing to make that claim? Keep up the good work!

Charles W.


I am extremely pleased with the service and product of the re-build program. I have had this machine for 15 years and still have found nothing which comes close to functionality and quality.

Ron D.


Experience an in-home demo in your home today and learn why the Kirby Avalir 2 is the one machine you’ll need to keep your entire home clean. Schedule your demo today!