Kirby Or Dyson? Which Vacuum Should You Buy?

On the hunt for your next vacuum? There are tons of options to pick from — but if you’re going for brand recognition, you’ve probably considered two of the biggest names in high-powered cleaning: Kirby and Dyson.

Top models from both brands have a lot to offer, but they tend to appeal to different types of users. If you prioritize cleaning power, versatility, and durability above all else, you’ll quickly find that Kirby gets an edge.

Models such as the Kirby Avalir 2 are ideal for anyone who wants it all — classic vacuuming power and modern technological features. Kirby has a strong reputation, but many important qualities underscore this amazing level of customer devotion. Keep reading to discover when Kirby vacuums are preferable to their Dyson counterparts. 

What to Look for in a Quality Vacuum System

No one vacuum is ideal for every user, although several Kirby models come close. Still, certain features and styles will be more desirable for some more than others. Space, budget, and cleaning power are key considerations, as is versatility. All this can be found in the Kirby Avalir 2, which is currently the brand’s flagship model.

Dyson produces a wider variety of models, which can be both beneficial and problematic. More products may provide better opportunities to tailor your vacuuming experience, but it also means more research. However, if you do your homework and invest in a high-end Dyson that is suited to your unique needs, you can expect dependable cleaning.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve focused primarily on the Dyson Ball Animal II and III. These higher-end models are more in line with Kirby’s performance than other designs.

Struggling to discern the practical differences between vacuums such as the Kirby Avalir 2 and the Dyson Ball Animal models? When in doubt, look for these essentials: 

Deep clean carpets and hard floors with the Kirby vacuum.

Cleaning Power

Kirby’s strong reputation rests on its elite cleaning power. The Avalir 2 and its many predecessors consistently score high marks for their amazing suction, which allows the vacuums to easily get rid of embedded pet hair and other stubborn forms of debris.

Dyson, at first glance, may appear to beat out its Kirby counterparts simply because of its motor wattage of around 12 amps. This doesn’t always translate to better cleaning power, however. Tests with airflow meters repeatedly reveal that Kirby vacuums maintain excellent airflow and power even as their bags fill. 

American made and built to last 30 years, the Kirby vacuum is the deep cleaning tool you need!
HEPA filtration with genuine Kirby filter bags provide the highest level of filtration in a home vacuum.

HEPA Filtration

While most vacuums can get dirt and debris off your carpet, not all are ideal for purification purposes. Without HEPA filtration, common particles such as pet dander and pollen continue circulating. HEPA filters allow high-level vacuums to trap these particles. This, in turn, dramatically improves air quality.

Both Kirby and Dyson Ball Animal vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters. For the Avalir 2, this is accomplished via filter bags, which require occasional replacements. Meanwhile, Dyson vacuums typically rely on dirt cups. This decision, as with everything bagged vs. bagless, ultimately comes down to personal preference. 


There’s no denying the inherent versatility of Kirby products. These household essentials go far beyond vacuuming alone. Kirby models also function as amazing shampooers, capable of removing stubborn stains that conventional vacuums would otherwise neglect. Kirby systems can also tackle several types of surfaces, including tile and hardwood floors.

Dyson models, while decent for strictly vacuuming, tend to be limited in their functionality. Shampooing simply isn’t part of the repertoire, nor is cleaning grout and tile. As such, this brand is less ideal for comprehensive cleaning. 

Remove stairs from carpet with Kirby shampooer.
Smart phone with Kirby Vacuum Owner App.

Smartphone Support

Classic vacuum manufacturers increasingly prioritize connectivity, with smartphone apps providing another source of information and support for loyal customers. The Kirby Owner Resource App is a great example, offering easy access not only to the owner’s manual but also to how-to videos and targeted cleaning advice.

Dyson Link also deserves recognition. This is one of the greatest benefits of buying a Dyson — technological innovation. With Dyson Link, it’s easy to monitor vacuum performance and status. The app offers insight into air quality and can even provide updates on filtration. 


One of the biggest perks of using a Kirby vacuum? Taking advantage of all the included accessories. These make it easy to clean every nook and cranny. In total, the Kirby Avalir 2 provides fifteen attachments in its kit. Many other excellent accessories are optional.

With Dyson vacuums, your mileage may vary. Some models come with few attachments, while higher-end alternatives provide a decent array of accessories. Even within the same model, you may need to examine different editions closely. With the Dyson Ball Animal III, you could get attachments that rival Kirby in the Gold edition — or very few accessories if you opt for the more affordable Nickel version.

That said, there’s a lot to love about the Dyson Ball Animal III Gold. This comes with a multi-angle brush, a tangle-free turbine, and an articulating hard floor tool. All this is impressive, but Kirby still comes out on top with its vast lineup of included accessories. 

Use the portable shampooer to shampoo carpeted steps.


If there’s one small downside to using a Kirby vacuum, it’s the sheer size of the device. This makes Kirby’s amazing suction possible, but a weight of 23.3 pounds will definitely give some consumers pause.

At just 17.4 pounds, the Dyson Ball Animal III is easier to maneuver. The reduced weight can be an advantage, but Dyson Ball technology is where the brand really stands out. This provides simple maneuvering with nothing more than a slight wrist adjustment.

The Kirby’s weight and bulkier build are mitigated, to some extent, by its superior power and by solutions such as Tech Drive, which ease handling concerns. 

For over 100 years, the Kirby vacuum has been manufactured in the United States.

Kirby vs. Dyson: Where And How Their Vacuums Are Manufactured

Manufacturing location matters. Yes, many facilities can produce exceptional vacuums, but there’s a lot to be said for supporting American workers. This is exactly what you’ll accomplish when purchasing Kirby vacuums, which are proudly built in the United States.

Initially, Dyson vacuums were manufactured in Malmesbury, England — where the company was established in 1991. Since then, the company has shifted its global headquarters to Singapore. Manufacturing for several key products has moved abroad, with Dyson vacuums now assembled in Malaysia. 

Owner Support: Maintenance, Warranties, And More

Even the most durable vacuum is bound to run into trouble at some point. Should mishaps arise, it helps to know that you can get the repairs or replacements you need in short order. Strong owner support is a must-have — and it’s one of the most compelling benefits of owning a Kirby vacuum.

Quality support begins with a strong warranty. This will keep your vacuum running for years to come. This is where Kirby truly shines. Offering a Lifetime Rebuild Program, Kirby provides experts as needed to return Kirby systems to “like new” status.

The comprehensive rebuild process includes expert disassembly of Kirby vacuums, along with thorough cleaning, sandblasting, and polishing. Thorough inspections quickly identify potential problems, while repairs with high-quality parts keep even the oldest vacuums operating smoothly. Finally, each Kirby is tested according to standards established when the model in question was first released.

Dyson’s warranty is decent compared to many other vacuum manufacturers, but it doesn’t live up to Kirby’s Lifetime Rebuild Program. Cordless vacuums receive just two years of warranty coverage. This extends to five years for corded vacuums, with parts, repairs, and replacement covered in many situations.

Five years doesn’t compare to a lifetime guarantee — and worse, some Dyson customers struggle to get their claims approved.

General maintenance must also be considered regardless of how often or extensively you take advantage of the warranty. This can sometimes be an advantage for the Dyson Ball models, which provide one-click emptying and washable filters. Ease of use is clearly the goal here.

Kirby vacuums take a little more effort to understand — but as we’ve already mentioned, the lifetime program and the resources available with the Kirby app should help. 

Summing It Up

The Dyson vs. Kirby vacuum cleaners debate can be complicated, as these brands are so different. If it comes down to price or size, Dyson will probably get the upper hand — but for all other vacuuming considerations, Kirby is the way to go.

Think carefully before making this essential investment, as it could have a significant impact on how you clean for years or even decades to come.

Kirby Avalir 2 vacuum cleaner on carpeting.

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