Kirby Avalir 2

Handcrafted in the United States, and engineered for the ultimate deep clean, the Kirby gets the dirt other vacuums leave behind.

    • Industry-leading Airflow
    • HEPA Filtration
    • Exclusive Lifetime Rebuild Program
    • Made in America


Renowned for its Quality, Reliability, and Performance, the Kirby Home Cleaning System has been deep cleaning homes for over 100 years. The Kirby Avalir 2 is our latest model of high-performance, best-in-class vacuums. Beyond a vacuum, the Kirby easily converts to shampoo carpets & furniture, scrub tile & grout, polish hardwood floors, and so much more.


    • Best-in-class upright vacuum gets the dirt that others leave behind
    • The Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System seamlessly integrates with the Kirby Avalir 2 to allow for carpet shampooing and cleaning all types of floors.
    • Powerful, two-speed series air-cooled motor for ultimate performance
    • Designed to provide maximum airflow and cleaning efficiency
    • Tech Drive® Power Assist transmission to minimize push force
    • Toe touch control providing 7 different cleaning position heights
    • HEPA filtration traps allergenic particles
    • Built in the US from die cast aluminum, durable polished metal finish


Nozzle Width – 15.4″

Hose Length – 84”

Attachment Kit – 15 attachments

Cord Length – 25’

Voltage – 110/120 volt

Weight – 23.3 lbs.

Brush Roll Speed –3200 RPM



The Kirby comes standard with 15 custom attachments to provide you with the right tool for every job.



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Accessories and Kits

Multi-Surface Shampoo System


HEPA Filter Bag Subscriptions

MicroAllergen Plus HEPA Filter Bags – 6 pack

$27.99 or subscribe and save 20%

HEPA Filter Bag Subscriptions

Allergen Reduction Filter Bags – 6 Pack

$24.99 or subscribe and save 20%

Accessories and Kits

Tile & Grout Kit


Vacuum Belts

Kirby Vacuum Belt


Accessories and Kits




I am the proud owner of a circa 1955 Kirby floor vac. Have used it regularly since purchase. NEVER had any repairs! I now use it for my studio apartment. Wish they made stuff today like they used to.

Daniel J.

I love your vacuum! It’s amazing! I had no idea how much better having a Kirby is when you have a dog. Thanks to your product me and my wife can keep carpet in our house. It’s amazing. I really appreciate it.

Michael M.

Just wanted to contact you and let you know that we are very pleased with our Kirby vacuum cleaner rebuild. My wife stated that it was just like new. Thank you for the quality work and care you put into the rebuild.

Brent & Vanessa G.

In 1972, as a newly engaged, young woman, I purchased my Kirby Classic vacuum. I wanted a quality vacuum that would do the job and last.  I could not, possibly, have imagined that I would still own it 49 years later-and that it would be functional.    I want to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing restoration you performed on it.

Victoria G.

I’ve had my Kirby 5 since 1994. Best investment I’ve made, still works perfectly! I no longer have rugs but use it for my mattress and spring cleaning. I’m hoping Kirby comes up with a robot version that I can leave running while I’m out running errands.

Liliana M.

I’ve had my Kirby since 1999 and I can honestly say that Kirby is the best vacuum on the market! and my Kirby has been my only vacuum for 4 years now since we got rid of our cheap plastic vacuum. I think that my Kirby can at least say running for another 20 years. This was by far the best investment I’ve ever made

Ian R.

In this day and age of disposable garbage there will always be people that are willing to pay for quality and willing to pay to maintain those items. My only hope is that there are enough of those people around to keep companies like Kirby building and servicing high quality products. It shows that Kirby as a company cares about what they build and cares about their customers. Thank you very much for the wonderful products and wonderful service.

Richard P.

I received this Kirby for Christmas about 45 years ago and loved it ever since. It sure did get a lot of use. It sure did get a lot of use. Now you (the people at Kirby) made my Christmas again! I just can’t thank you enough.

Charlotte B.

My old Kirby’s as they are celebrating their 52’nd and 53’rd birthdays. We appreciate your quality work. Thank you.

Chuck S.
Weight 33.4 lbs
Dimensions 30.75 × 17.75 × 9 in

Avalir 2 Vacuum, Avalir 2 Home Cleaning System, Avalir 2 – Ultimate Home Cleaning System



81 reviews for Kirby Avalir 2

  1. Daniel H

    Current an owner of the Kirby avalir 2 and this is truly a compelling vacuum. I owned a dyson ball animal 2 and a shark duo clean vacuum, both of which are cheaply made and deigned to be thrown away. Not to mention the fact that they both shredded my carpets due to their overly aggressive brush roller. I was amazed by the quality of the Kirby, not only does it succeed at carpet and floor vacuuming but it features many different functions such as carpet shampooing, tile and grout cleaner, hard floor polisher, inflator/deflator, hand held mode, carpet fluffer, sander, window washer, canister mode. This is a true American made product and is worth every penny. Highly recommend this product!!!

  2. Amy Kaufman

    When I had my in home demonstration of the Avalir 2 I was impressed to say the least. I know Kirby has an outstanding reputation for their product, so I knew it would be a wise investment. I have had my Kirby a little over a year and I still get excited every time I vacuum!

  3. Elvis Alvarez

    2002 was the year I bought my house and a Kirby door to door sales lady convinced me as to why own a Kirby. I had granite and wooden floors, and a throw Persian rug. No other carpet in my house but I saw what the Kirby was capable of doing. Here I am 20 years later and my Kirby Sentrya still performing as it did the first time I used it. An amazing vacuum second to none.

  4. Gilbert Kritz

    I absolutely love my Ultimate G Diamond Edition! Been serving me since 2006 and never had to repair anything on it! Love the lower motor speed switch. IÕve seen the newer ones donÕt have it. Hope you bring it back! Best vacuum ever!

  5. Matthew Mcknight

    I have almost every kirby ever made and i can say that dependability is what sets kirby apart from any other cleaner on the market. You could say im obsessed with my vacuums and after you try a kirby- who knows you may be too.

  6. Rich Janis

    I have 3 German Sheperds and I have a large home and have a Kirby on every floor. They are truly superior when it comes to pet hair.

  7. Bridgette Vondrick

    We bought our G4 in 1995. We had it rebuilt about 10 yrs ago. Works wonderfully!!________ We bought a 2nd one about 4 years ago.

  8. Ian Ruthardt

    IÕve had my Kirby since 1999 and I can honestly say that Kirby is the best vacuum on the market! and my Kirby has been my only vacuum for 4 years now since we got rid of our cheap plastic vacuum. I think that my Kirby can at least say running for another 20 years. This was by far the best investment IÕve ever made

  9. Liliana M. Molina

    I’ve had my Kirby 5 since 1994. Best investment I’ve made, still works perfectly! I no longer have rugs but use it for my mattress and spring cleaning. I’m hoping Kirby comes up with a robot version that I can leave running while I’m out running errands.

  10. Wesley Hemmings

    I would love to use my Sentria to deliver a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery service along with hard floor waxing. @room2rooms
    Work will carried out from one room to another!

  11. James Carrington

    I’ve known a Kirby from the time I was a baby. I was born on 10/27/1965, and in November of that same year, my parents bought a new Kirby Dual Sanitronic 50, with ALL the accessories possible. I was always fascinated with this vacuum. They traded up to the olive green Dual Sanitronic 80 in 1969, and then again in 1975 with the Classic Omega, right on up to the Ultimate G, which they still have. Without 5 kids in the house anymore, I suppose they no longer need to trade it in so often.

    Anyway, from my days as a college kid, I insisted on having a Kirby in my fraternity house, as I lived with 4 other guys who lived like pigs, lol. I now have the Avalir 2, and I had several G-series Kirbys prior to this one, but….THIS ONE OUTCLEANS EVEN MY PREVIOUS KIRBYS!! The redesigned carpet shampoo system is their absolute BEST EVER! You can see and hear the difference in its performance. When I vacuum with it, it REALLY vibrates and hums loudly and lets me know it’s getting ALL the sand and grit that my pit bull puppy drags in from outside. I’ve had other brands over the years, like Electrolux, TriStar, and Rainbow (Rainbow being THE absolute WORST and MOST INCONVENIENT and UNRELIABLE of the lot) and I ALWAYS come back to my Kirby, my faithful and reliable household friend. I won’t ever have anything else!

  12. KT Bovell

    IÕm sooo in love with my kirby!!! Grew up with one and canÕt live without it !!! Especially for the Dog hair ! Recommend It to everyone !!!

  13. Jules

    I bought my first Kirby G4 in the late 90Õs it is the best vacuum you can buy. In the last 25 years ( give or take ) other than purchasing bags ect. I have spent around $ 200 in repairs. ( I ran over the lead, I suggest you donÕt do this lol )
    Recently I was in a salvos store and found a Kirby sentria 2 for sale for $30, clearly that came home with me for my son who is moving out of home. Always said I would get a Kirby for when they moved out.I will upgrade to the new one when my youngest Moves out, so then he has one too.

  14. Adam West

    We bought our first Kirby in 2006 an ultimate g diamond, great unit have had no problem with it at all and the yearly Kirby service has kept it running like new. We love our Kirby so much that we have just bought the new avalir 2, and handing our original unit to our daughter to have many years of great use with it. The units perform above expectation with suction/shampoo of our carpets that our ten year old carpets still look good. Ability to clean hard floors is also a bonus one unit does it all. Thanks Kirby for building such a great unit and building them to last unlike others that need replacing every few years.

  15. Dennis Nozawa (verified owner)

    This Avalir2 is my second Kirby vacuum cleaner, I love it. My first Kirby was an UltimateG and I loved it too, it lasted 18 years and is now at the Kirby rebuild center to hopefully last another 20 years!

    I purchased my Avalir2 from the Kirby website. I’m so glad Kirby has this option, being a previous owner I didn’t need another demo of the vacuum cleaner, nor did I want one. Just pick your model and purchase online, couldn’t be easier.

    The Avalir2 is just as powerful as the UltimateG, if not more. If I were to leave the Avalir2 in one spot for too long it would suck up the carpet padding underneath the carpet too, LOL! Seriously, this vacuum is powerful and does a great job of whole house cleaning. As long as Kirby keeps the quality at the high-standards that they do, Kirby will be in our house until they find a way to convert dust into free energy. Buy one, you won’t regret it, I certainly have not.

  16. Schonieschonie brewer

    i love my Sentra Kirby vacuum had for 20 yrs i think, i was sold on Kirby, my mom had one with everything with it, it never had an issues at all, 30 yrs later I got my first Kirby about 20 yrs ago this one of course was brand new and had more things that went with it, i love my kirby so much it does the best job over any other vacuum, wr use it to blow up air matress in no time flat, vacuum our bed with it, used all the shampoo things to shampoo chairs and carpet, i did a tune up in it by you-tubing it not long ago proud of myself it all wirked again__ bur now its over 20 plus yrs now i cant buy parts for it or get bags for it anymore well not the ones kirby makes fie it off brand ones but just not the same, i even showed others after they vacuumed a dpit with theirs i put like a clothe over my hose like the way the sales men does and showed them how much dirt i picked up with my kirby, my nephew bought one than tears later my son bought one. its time to get a new one, only if i knew were or who still buys these vacuums to refurbish them i can sale it to them hate to just throw it away if somebody can still fix them and sale them, on the note i live in Redmond Oregon so if anybody knows who would want to buy this one so i can buy anther that would be so helpful

  17. Ashley Caswell

    It’s an amazing vacuum. It gets up debris that is very deep in the carpet that my dyson leaves behind. With that said, the carpet cleaning system is awful. I regret upgrading to get that. My $180 Bissell does a much more thorough and deeper clean than the carpet shampooer on this Kirby. Don’t upgrade for the shampoo system, it’s not worth it at all.

  18. Dean Aston

    Only ever owned Kirby after my mom bought heritage2. I swore I would only have Kirby in my home . Had a hand sweeper until I bought my Kirby G4 after I was demonstrating the G3 for KBA West Midlands UK. I have saved our fortune in carpets and furnishings thanks to owning and using my Kirby Daily . Compared to having dozens of plastic vacuums that donÕt work .
    Invest in the best fit your home buy a Kirby

  19. Vicki Hans

    I have had my Kirby Classic 2 for 46 years. Only thing IÕve had replaced on this machine is the belt,twice, the light, once and when my ex broke the handle, no idea how he did that, once. I love my machine and would Never own a different machine from any company out there. Does it weight a lot, yup, but it will suck the living hell out of any flooring without damage to the floor.
    When I bought my machine I bought every attachment you could at the time and have used all except the bug sprayer. CanÕt beat a Kirby thatÕs for sure!!

  20. Jack Barnes

    Just purchased the Avalir II June 8th. Our salesperson Jason Douglas did an outstanding job demonstrating just how good this machine is. My mother-in-law owned a Kirby G5 which I always enjoyed using. Was now able to purchase a Kirby and am so glad I did. It’s cleaning power, versatility, and lifetime guarantee make it the best vacuum on the planet. Thank you Jason for stopping by our home. Keep up the great work.

  21. Tom Queen

    I have always had a Kirby and would not ever change. I also have a vacuum repair business and have first had knowledge on the vacuum people are buying. Most of them are fancy looking but all plastic that breaks or wear out. Parts are many times unavailable and may only clean the carpet part way. If you don’t have a Kirby I hope you have good luck with the other brand and hope that you are happy with the dirt below the top of the carpet.

  22. Rebecca Daugherty

    I have a Kirby Avalir2 and the home demo was fantastic!!! I cannot find instructional manual. I have used it but I know IÕm not using it right since itÕs not what the demo showed. HELP

  23. Calvin Bryant

    I am so grateful for the Kirby factory the Kirby workers and all who stand behind the brand Kirby Kirby is a beautiful wonderful magnificent brand I have the curvy out there one had it since 2015 I think Cleveland for allowing Kirby to manufacture there for many many years and hopefully many years to come this is a wonderful home cleaning system I had Hoovers I had dirt devils I have Royal I had oreck I had sebo I had Dyson I had a Bissell and none of these vacuums can compare to the dynamic air flow of the Kirby home cleaning system they are just wonderful I love the shampoo system I love the zip brush I love all of those attachments they are beautiful and they’re heavy the vacuum is quite heavy but it’s wonderful the tech drive it just glides right across the floor you can use it to clean everything now I only wish they had it where you can suck up water and different things of that nature but I guarantee you if you try the Kirby home cleaning system you won’t go back to any disposable vacuum ever again when they say this is the vacuum you wouldn’t never have to replace I have known people that the Kirby has out lived and we just love Kirby thank you Kirby we pray and hope that you will continue to make good quality products for many many years to come thank you

  24. Matt Jones

    I own two Kirbys: a 519 (1959) and a Diamond Edition (2005). I have had the 519 since childhood and still use it when I don’t use my Diamond. They are quality machines built to last a lifetime.

  25. Manny Carreira III (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Avalir 2 and……I LOVE IT!!! I was raised on Kirby vacuums. When I was young I, my parents purchased the 1979 Tradition, which is what I used to vacuum the home I grew up in. Then my parents bought the G4 model in 1995, which is the model they still have today. The Avalir 2 is the best I’ve ever worked with. No vacuum can compare and to purchase any vacuum but a Kirby would be…..just a waste.

  26. Marjorie Gill (verified owner)

    Purchasing online was easy & secure. The company kept me informed on the order status throughout the process. The instructions in the box were great and easy to follow. I have had a Kirby all my life & love them. My Kirby works great.

  27. Jeff Gilchrist

    We just had our Diamond Kirby rebuilt and were amazed at the results. we actually checked the serial number to make sure it was the same machine! I think it might look and work better than when we bought it 20 years ago! it was worth the price and took less than a month. we bought a cheap vacuum during that time and it quickly reminded us why we bought a Kirby! We are good for another 20 years at least!
    Thank you again Kirby!

  28. Gabe Markwell

    Kirby is the best of the best! My family has always used this brand of vacuums. They will outlast any of their competitors, and outperform them too!

  29. David Huddle

    My mother bought a Kirby in the Ô60s. She had it rebuilt. I would like to know if an early model like this would be of interest to you for a display? I donÕt want to throw it away, but I have another Kirby and donÕt need the older model. It you are interested in having it please write back. Im not selling, IÕm giving it to you if you would like it. It still has all the parts and the cardboard box. It has the carpet washing parts. It says Sanitronic on it.
    Thanks for your time.
    David Huddle

  30. Phil Dunham

    I love my Kirby it’s the best mechen I ever owned its does almost everything so I need you help to get it working like it use to please

  31. Tonya Ammann

    We had a Kirby growing up, and it was great. My mom passed away in 2020, and upon going thru her things, we realized she had since traded her Kirby gen 4 in for a new one in 2018. I brought it home with me and put it in my shed. I was going to order bags for it and start using it again. I think it may have been used a handful of times. I forgot about it. We were using a Dyson, which is one of the better quality vacuums. I brought it up today and man, I just hate that I forgot it was in my shed all this time. We have a corgi, and battle pet hair. I am vacuuming peg hair everyday. That Kirby removed all the pet hair from my ottoman. ItÕs like itÕs new again. I always knew Kirby was top of the line, but itÕs a must have for pet owners.

  32. Charlotte House

    Wow! It looks and operates like brand new! I purchased my G6 in October 2000 by trading in an older model. Here it is 22 years later working like a charm after having it rebuilt. So glad I have always been a Kirby customer. Thank you to the rebuild department and program. The hardest part was doing without it for seven weeks while it was refurbished. I love my Kirby!

    Charlotte House
    Lewiston, New York

  33. Tom Farabee

    I have owned Kirby machines and still ha ve both. One is from 1984, and I use in the garage. The other is a Sentria later model. Always the very best. Never a problem with either! I actually sold Kirbies in the 90s, and the man that I worked for had a gold plated o e in his office! I learned so much!

  34. Anthony Donno

    Just bought my second Kirby, not because there was anything wrong with 20-year-old machine, I just wanted the newer model :). This is the Rolls-Royce of vacuum cleaners, and the sale representative was exceptional knowledgeable about their product. No “hard sell”, gave me the options, respected my decision to not buy everything, and happily demo’ed what I was interested in. If you haven’t seen a Kirby demo before, do yourself a favor and get somebody to come out and show you what this machine can do.


    When I first got married my inlaws had a Kirby I thought I had to have one after a few years when I could afford the payment I got me one . I have been using for 2o something years. It’s still going strong with only a few minor repairs

  36. Leo Mcniven

    I love my Kirby IÕve only had it for about 6 years and some times it lets out a burning smell but I think I need to change the belt thatÕs all

  37. Katie Anderson

    I believe in this company and I absolutely LOVE this machine! I worked for the company a few years ago and I’ve wanted one every since. I’ve told so many people about it, even on social media. I want to start my own business as a detailer and this is the best machine ever made! I seen it for myself. I’m 26 with a bachelor’s degree but my passion is entrepreneurialism. If I could afford this beauty I would market it all over tiktok and this would be the engine for my buisness. Kirby is the best machine out there! I’m determined to own multiple!

  38. Renee Balver

    I love my Kirby vacuum cleaner it is the best investment I have ever done.I have had mine for 19 years and it still works great __

  39. Eathan Markus

    Have a Kirby g5 best vacuum IÕve every used.

  40. Lynn Cardinale

    i bought the g5 series in 1997 and have been in love with it ever since. it is in need of repair (stupid stuff), need a new power cable and the plastic piece that the cord wraps around. This is by far the best vaccum ever made. Im debating on just buying a new one and giving my daughter the one i have now. Maybe for my birthday, I’ll treat myself to a new one. I want a new Harley too, so this is a touch decision.

  41. Marilyn York

    I purchased my Kirby vacuum cleaner when I was 25. I am now 73 and still use my very powerful Kirby. Yes. ItÕs not as pretty as it once was but neither am I. It is still powerful.

  42. Victoria Miller

    I can honestly say that once you own a Kirby vacuum, nothing else compares. It is the BEST vacuum on the market. _____

  43. Lenise Campbell-Johnson

    I know have owned my Kirby for 17 years and cant see myself owning anything else……I Love it……Great investment…..definitely worth the morning!!!!!!

  44. Karen ALas (verified owner)

    Love, love my Kirby. It’s so awesome! But I’m still waiting on my free 1 year supple of vacuum bags that I ordered…. hope I receive them.

  45. Paul Woodman

    We got our first Gen 3 about 1992, and I have kept it running. Bought a refurbished 6 series about 8 years ago, and it works great. Picked up a Òfree at the curbÓ series 5 a couple years ago, cleaned it up and got it working properly, and gave it to my son. We love the cleaning performance and versatility of the Kirbys, but to me, I most appreciate that they are designed to be repaired easily. Repair parts are readily available online, and if you can follow online instructions and turn a screwdriver, you can probably fix a Kirby. I have replaced the main switch assembly, carbon motor brushes, and transmission on my oldest one for much less $ than a new vacuum. DonÕt be afraid to open up your Kirby. I hope the newer models have retained the easy to repair design philosophy.

  46. Erik Tate

    I have worked with Tidewater Sew Vac for over 34 years and personaly repaired or serviced over 47,000 machines. The Kirby by far is the best built machine on the market, then and now!

  47. Marlene Harvey

    My Kirby has traveled across 2 countries and I have lived in the USA for 25 years. It has served me well in all my travels but is due for a check up. I have to find a service center to take her in for a re-fresh. Lov love my Kirby. Best househould investment.
    Thank you for an amazing product

  48. Jim Ponton

    I sold the Heratage 2 but I still own the Classic __

  49. Dianna Mingus

    Just wanted to say I love my Kirby I have a kriby G6 have had it since 2001 I love sweepers n have tried different types. But I always go back to my kriby. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  50. Chad Yuna

    I use Kirby’s at work from the 70s and they are still running today as well as I own 2 of them there easy to fix and parts are cheap however there a little expensive but worth it if you have the money but if you don’t don’t bother there are cheaper options out there


    I worked for this company for 8 years under 2 different distributors. Started working for the company after buying the G-4 when it first came out. I still own the vacuum. I still stand behind the company. The very best vacuum ever.
    I won the award for best telemarketing team. A little gold phone with little diamonds.
    Never got the actual; pin but would love to buy one if its available. Anybody have any idea if the company still has them. I’d buy it just because I know I’m the top appt. setter Kirby has ever had.

  52. Juan Cepeda (verified owner)

    I love my Kirby! Was raised with them and now I’m keeping the tradition alive!!!

  53. Tina Mounsey

    Love my new Kirby Avalir 2. I had a Kirby that was 12 years old. Those were a hard 12 years of pets and kidsÉ.that machine could have spat out a Lego creation and some loom bands. It was used for every application it could be. It had gotten noisey from neglect of a busy life. I had a rep come and service it and well I upgraded my much loved Kirby. IÕve just given it first run on mopping my tiled floors. It was amazing to see all the dirt come out of the tiles and grout. IÕm totally amazed at how dirty my Òclean floorsÓ were. You canÕt do that by just hand mopping. IÕm so inspired by my clean floors and going to try the grout cleaner next weekend to see what it can do, not only for my floors but for the grout in my shower. ItÕs money well spent

  54. Tim Cunningham

    Bought the Kirby 2000 probably 22 years ago. Never had any problems and no repairs. Mom and dad had one growing up as a kid and I invested in one and I’m grateful. Love my Kirby!

  55. Tsepo Pefole

    IÕve bought my Kirby machine in 2006. I still boast to my kids about how my mother owned a machine she bought in the 1980s. I will continue using the Sentria machine as it seems it will last forever.
    Tsepo South Africa

  56. Morina Montano

    I brought a kirby G5 in 1997 and I still use it as of today. I highly recommend kirby brand. No other vacuums can compare. It has never lost suction. Only once I had to have it repaired in the 26 years I have owned it.

  57. Moisés Peraza

    We have ours over 25 years best investment we have done, and just recently bought another one I don’t nothing better in the market like Kirby

  58. Christine Deorio (verified owner)

    If you want a house that appears clean, get anything. If you want a house that is clean, get a Kirby. I was given a G5 that wasn’t taken care of so I decided to invest in my own Kirby and just bought the Avalir 2. I have cats … so, so many cats. All other vacuums (shark, Bissell, etc.) just cleaned the surface of the carpet and left behind embedded cat hair that clogged up my carpet shampooer. The Avalir 2 pulls every last hair, whisker, litter particle, etc., out of the carpet and my shampooer works like a charm on the gross stuff. This is the last vacuum I plan on owning and when we pull up the carpet, I will buy the extra piece to clean and polish the floors. I have no regrets about spending the money on this system and will never consider anything else.

  59. Melisa

    The best clean!!! I love kirby!!!

  60. Dave

    Bought our Kirby G6 back in 2000…best vacuum EVER. Expensive? Sure, worth it? ABSOLUTLY! We have had ZERO problems in owning this machine since 2000……Wirth every penny!! I’ll never own anything else….

  61. Robert Bartley

    In 2003 we moved into our new home and in very little time we met a door to door Kirby salesman. After a demonstration on the Kirby’s capabilities, my wife and I were immediately sold on it. Now 20 years later our Kirby still looks great and works perfectly. The Kirby we bought was the Ultimate G Series Diamond Edition. No other vacuum even comes close.

  62. Frank

    Sales people came to my home. If they wouldn’t have showed me what it can do i would of never bought it. The things it did and the sucking power blew me away.. Its really an awesome product. It will be the last vacuum i ever own.. Very happy and pleased.

  63. Dani (verified owner)

    We’ve been through three Dyson vacuums since 2916 so we decided that instead of listening to all the “best” rated vacuums we would go with the actual bast vacuum. Love our vacuum the suction is unlike any other. I don’t like the plastic handle but really who cares as long as the vacuum works. I thought it was going to be a little difficult to switch out some of the accessories because I am challenged in that way but I watched a video and viola I changed them with ease. Thank you making a great product in the era of throw away everything!!!
    I will never purchase another brand unless you change your product to a throwaway one.

  64. HECTOR


  65. Jacob Kitchen

    My great grandma bought a Kirby g6 back in 2001, and 22 years later it is still running smooth and efficient. I love the variety of attachments that came with the vacuum because I have the ability to do spring cleaning and get rid of all the hair that builds up on the upholstery in my apartment from my cats. Thank you, Kirby, for being such an amazing brand. Also, might I add that this vacuum has outlasted our Bissel and sanitaire? It’s truly amazing!

  66. Michele

    I bought a Kirby for my new house. I love it dearly, wish they made a Kirby in Roomba form! The vacuum is excellent. However I’ve broken a fan blade on the inside and have had 0 luck with getting through customer service to have it worked on. Makes me very sad that such an excellent product has such poor customer service.

  67. Marcia M (verified owner)

    I have a 30-year old G4 from the early 1990’s, so this is my second Kirby. Another brand vacuum was hard to push and pull across the rug. This adjustable height Avalir 2 glides with ease!

  68. Michael

    Kirby’s are the best Vacuums ever. I own several. They will beat out any other Vacuums. Kirby owners will know this too, if you want your Kirby polished, it can be done by Kirby Reps. Maintenance is rarely ever needed. Though I would recommend having your Kirby serviced. Depending on how much you use it. Either way it is always going to be the best there is, and ever could be. There are no Vacuums that could out do a Kirby. It will last basically forever.

    There is one thing, please do not try to vacuum up vomit. Someone in my family thought they could vacuum it up. So I now need to find a place to clean it.

    If you ever have someone ask you if they can do a demonstration, please let them. You’ll be amazed. You’ll never ever have to get another Vacuum again. I grew up around Kirby’s. And the old ones still work good. It’s just that there have been improvements in regards to the vacuum, it has Tech Drive (Power assist), you can actually move the vacuum with just two fingers.

    It is worth ever penny spent. You’ll save a lot of money by having one.
    Kirby puts Rainbow Vacuums to shame. I challenge you, if you have a Rainbow Vacuum, put it up against the Kirby test. Run your Rainbow Vacuum over a spot 5 times. Then get the Kirby, you’ll need a nice size black cloth. You’ll remove the bag, get you a nice good rubber band, place the black cloth over where the bag goes, take the rubber band and put it around the black cloth tight. Run the Kirby over the same spot (once or twice) the Rainbow vacuum went. And see all that dirt etc., the Rainbow vacuum missed. Then run the Kirby over the same spot about 5 times. Look at the black cloth. Get another black cloth, run the Kirby over it once. The black cloth will be clean or close to it. That there is the proof, Rainbow Vacuums, do not do the job it was said they do. Everyone in the whole world, need a Kirby. If you’re a cleaning person or have a cleaning business. Get you a Kirby. Your business will increase. Your jobs will be easier. Especially with all the attachments. This is the Rolls Royse of Vacuums. But you can actually afford a Kirby.

  69. Sharon MacTurk (verified owner)

    I love my kirby this is my third one!

  70. Grace Bagel

    I’ve had the Avalir 2 for a couple of years now and I am still extremely satisfied with it. It’s big, it’s chunky, it’s old school, it’s built to last, and it is POWERFUL. One of those rare purchases that you can feel safe in knowing you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a very long time. It’s great on bare floors with the correct attachment.

  71. Anna Lawton

    A friend of mine started selling Kirby vacuums and I wanted to support him so I bought the Avalir 2. The first week or so I liked it. I was dazzled by all the ways it can be rearranged to clean walls, windows, hard wood, upholstery, carpet, etc but also had a few issues – now after owning it for several years I feel confident that I’m not just being picky. This vacuum really is awful.

    Here are the issues:

    1. Extremely heavy
    2. Belt breaks constantly. I’ve changed the belt about 40 times since I got it. Any other machine I’ve owned from a lower end brand has never needed this much maintenance.
    3. The movable parts needed to change the machine to its different functions are next to impossible to move. The latch to take the head off the regular attachment for normal carpet cleaning takes all my force to turn. The plate on the bottom that I have to remove all the time because the belt is constantly breaking also doesn’t work. One of the locks doesn’t even go back into place anymore.

    3. Suction is mid at best. I have 3 cats. Even if I clean every day I can still get cat hair out of the carpet with a brush.

    4. All the tiny little parts are absolutely purposefully constructed to be vital for the machine to function but also extremely small and easy to lose and then expensive to replace.

    All in all, in my 42 years of life, besides the Chevy Malibu that left me stranded on the side of the road because the coolant system failed at 60K miles, this is the worst expensive purchase of my entire life.

    You’re better off getting a Bissell or a Shark. Even if it only lasts 5 years it will work better than this disaster of an appliance.

  72. Charlene

    Worst vacuum I have ever had, within 1 minute of running belt becomes hot and smells like it is burning. I have adjusted the roller to make sure they are at the same setting. Never had any problems with my Filter Queen. Should have stuck to a vacuum that works and customer support to fix anything that did go wrong.

  73. Charles P

    My grandparents have one of the older G5 Systems, which still operates, though they do not use it due to their age, When I was growing up they used it all the time. The Floors NEVER looked so good in any other house I have been in no matter the vacuum used there. To this day nearly 20 years later, I stand behind the cleaning quality of Kirby. So much that I decided to work for a reseller in 2013, and saw firsthand how much better they were than the competition, when I compared it to my Aunts (at the time Top of line Dyson) with the now obsolete Sentria 2, the Sentria 2 Blew my aunt away after it picked up 2 inches of dirt in the demonstration attachment, after one swipe on her carpet after she just vacuumed after the Christmas tree was taken down. Hands down the best vacuum system ever. Well worth the price.

  74. Kelebogile

    I got myself the latest machine a few years ago. I love it, even though we hardly use. When we do is standard vacuuming small rugs in the house.
    I asked for a training session in June but none has been made available to me yet.
    My machine went in for a service in June. Soon after that it was giving us issues. When it eventually stopped switching on I called Kirby SA and they arranged to have it picked up. The next call was to tell be about a quote for fixing the cord plus the call out fee of R500.
    No one told me that I would be liable for the call-out fee. It is something I have never paid whenever they collect my machine. I have also asked for the service report because I need to understand what is done when they take our machines and I want to know why my cord came back faulty

    The service is really appalling given the cost of the machine. I get up to 5 calls a day from people sitting in the same office asking me if they can arrange a service.

    The after sales service needs to be professionalised and the head of Kirby needs to listen to what clients are saying about their experiment, visit and respond to the complaints on People are frustrated! We are frustrated! Do better!

  75. Kelebogile

    On 29 September 2023, I posted a complaint about the service received from the Kirby distributor in Johannesburg, SA. Thank you to Johnny from Kirby, UK for facilitating a resolution and the distributor for addressing my issues. I really appreciate it!

  76. kevin krohn

    i was always a Bissell guy (yes I know it’s a swear word on here) until I heard on how much the Kirby can do and on how powerful and, how versatile it is. I’ve owned my Kirby for around 4 years now and i am 27. but i know it is the only vacuum/ carpet shampooer/ sander/ buffer/ air pump, and everything else it can do, machine i will ever have to buy and that i will be passing it down to my great grandkids in still working brand new order. love my kirby investment and will never be any happier with any other brand.

  77. Patricia Burk

    I have a Heritage (red bag) and a Dyson, the Kirby although old is the toughest machine out there. Yes Kirby is heavy but you get what you pay for. I gave 1500.00 for it new. I wouldn’t take 2 Dysons for my Kirby. When you buy a Kirby it is an investment, beleive me they were built to last, like muscle cars. The cord is so long, ILOVE IT.

  78. Tammy

    I can’t give the Kirby a 5 star review mainly because when I was introduced to this product,I was bringing my groceries in my new house. I hadn’t even lived in for 3 months yet.
    Growing up my mom had a kirby and she absolutely loved it. In fact I have hers around here somewhere. However, we were approached right next to our open car door while bringing groceries in. It was a hot day and they wanted to show me how does a kirby work. Well, I already owned two really good vacuums and a carpet shampooer. And as it turns out, I had just shampooed the carpet the night before. I like to shampoo my carpet every 3 to 6 months. Well, I let them go ahead and show it to me. Even though I wasn’t sure that’s what I wanted to do.

    I’m so Nad at myself because i didnt really want to. I remember thinking as I was going through it. Don’t give in, you have great vacuumsalready. You can’t afford this, in fact you don’t need this vacuum right now. You won’t be able to push it, it’s heavy.

    I have a serious neck and back injury, so I was correct about the vacuum,being too heavy for me to push yet, I was the one that was going to have to be pushing it. My biggest complaint about the Kirby has nothing to do with it’s quality. It is a very good vacuum,I know that. My problem is with the person who sold it to us. We were never given a business card. Never told who to contact. We were just given the product and they disappeared like smoke. They just went away. So now, I’m stuck with a vacuum which I can’t even push. It won’t go underneath my beds. I can’t take it apart and put it back together because I have trouble with my arms and wrists due to the neck injury.

    Other than coming to the website, I have no idea who to even ask for help. And frankly, I don’t even want to speak to the man who sold it to us. Because he really screwed us over. He sold us the vacuum for $2000. Even though he took two very good vacuums. And he wanted to try to take my carpet shampooer also!

    But that thing costs a lot more than the Kirby is worth. He was so excited when he was leaving my house. He shook the two vacuums up-and-down.
    I looked like a fool in front of the whole street. I was so humiliated.

    I feel, considering he took two vacuums from me. That were worth at least a $1000, That I should not have still had to pay. Another $2000, I literally got nothing for my vacuums. And that’s not the half of it. We were so concerned about getting our groceries put away. I didn’t really get a chance to notice that. He didn’t even write down that he took 2 vacuums from us.

    But he did, a little celebration dance walking away. Now I will admit, this is my stupidity for falling for the trick. But when you have a salesman that works dirty like that, it makes a company that’s supposed to be a very good company. Look like a very bad company. I’m not happy with the Kirby. Because I cannot push it. And now I am stuck with a dirty house. Because I can’t clean my house with a vacuum. I can’t push.. My best bet is going to be to have to try to find Somebody that will buy it from me. And find a way to pay off the loan. Because they’re charging me. 9.999% for what I do not know. We just bought a house by credit could not have been that bad. I’m sorry, disappointed with the Kirby company and again. Not because of the product,because it’s an excellent product. I know it is I. Grew up with it my sister has one. But she doesn’t have a neck injury and it is one of the heaviest vacuums I’ve ever pushed. So don’t get me wrong when you see all the 5 stars. Those people are satisfied and that’s good. I’m glad they are because it does do a lot of things. Especially the avalor which is the one that I have. But I can’t push it and I don’t have the money for a maid. And i’m just angry because I wasn’t even hand in the business card. In fact, we were told something about a contest that somebody was going to win a trip to Jamaica or somewhere when when I try to read the brochure that my son was holding. She grabbed it out of his hand really fast and took off like a bad out of you know where? I have a feeling. I was sold a used product now. The new one I should not have been given the demonstration model. I should have been given a brand new one in fox. Still but I don’t have a box for it or anything. I don’t have rubbing paper to rap it in. I don’t have a thing for it. I’m just letting everybody know I’m warning. People don’t let them stop you and talk you into buying it until you know everything about it and you gotta business card from them. And whatever you do, don’t let them pressure you. Because they’re very good at what they do. They’re very good at swindling. Now i’m stuck and kirby is happy

  79. Cathy

    The worse purchase I have ever made. I have had Avalir for about 3 years and it does clean anywhere near what my Generation 3 did. So sorry I traded in my old Kirby for this one.

  80. Ladonna M (verified owner)

    I love the Kirby. I have purchased many a vaccuming system and the Kirby is the best by far. What I love about this system is it is powerful.

  81. Venelin

    Happy owner of Kirby Avalir 2, cant explain how satisfied I am and what pleasure is to clean your home with Kirby.

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