Shampooing Carpets With The Kirby

There’s nothing like the sight and smell of a freshly cleaned & shampooed carpet. But who wants to rent a clunky shampooer or hire an expensive carpet cleaning service? Add the Kirby to your cleaning routine and shampoo your carpets any time you need!

The Power of The Kirby + Multi-Surface Shampoo System

Shampooing your carpets is an essential step to keep your home clean. Unfortunately, some shampooers overly saturate your carpet, use harsh chemicals, or brings strangers into your home. Luckily, the Kirby with Multi-Surface Shampoo System solves all those problems while delivering an unbelievable clean.

Why Should I Shampoo My Carpets?

Shampooing your carpet is a critical step in the home cleaning process. Your carpets may look soft and cozy but, they can harbor dirt, hair, dust, food crumbs, and other debris. While vacuuming removes a lot of the loose dirt and grime, shampooing removes any dirt caked onto carpet fibers. This caked-on dirt can make your carpets look discolored and dingy even if you vacuum regularly. Additionally, dirty carpets can often smell which means your home will smell too. And any home with pets or kids knows that accidents and spills happen.

Shampoo carpets with the Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System to remove stains and built-up grime.
Reappearing stains are often due to carpet resoiling.

Tired Of Reappearing Stains?

One of the more frustrating problems homeowners can face are reappearing stains that show up after their carpet is shampooed. This reappearance is called “resoiling” and often happens on carpets that were saturated with water during the cleaning process. When professional carpet cleaners saturate carpeting with soapy water, they then extract that solution into a reservoir tank. This removes most surface dirt leaving your carpets looking clean.  Unfortunately, the carpeting is still very wet and dirt found deep in the carpet backing wicks up onto the carpet surface (similar to the wick of an oil lamp). For this reason, stains often reappear even after carpets have been shampooed several times.

Why The Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System Is Different

The Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System uses a different approach to carpet cleaning. This process does NOT saturate your carpets while still achieving great results. How it works is a combination of our proprietary Kirby Shampoo with Kirby Guard Technology and our powerful shampoo brush roll. Instead of depositing soapy water on the carpet, the Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System works a thick foam onto the carpet fibers. This scrubs and emulsifies any caked-on dirt and grime. The dirt and thick foam is then collected in the Multi-Surface Shampoo System tray. This tray can be easily lifted off the Multi-Surface Shampoo System, rinsed in a sink, then replaced on the Kirby for more shampooing.

Use Kirby Carpet Shampoo to easily shampoo carpets, rugs, and upholstery.
Shampoo your carpets with the Kirby Avalir 2.

Will Any Carpet Shampoo Work?

Due to the superior formulation of Kirby Carpet Shampoo, you won’t find a competitive carpet shampoo that performs the same way. The secret to Kirby Carpet Shampoo is the unique blend of surfactant and enca

psulating polymer. The powerful surfactant help release dirt from carpet fibers while our encapsulating polymer “crystalize” as they dry. This is very different compared to other carpet shampoos that will dry to a sticky film. This sticky film can attract dirt causing carpets to get dirty faster!

How Kirby Foam Technology Reduces Dry Time

When shampooing carpets with the Kirby Carpet Shampoo, you’ll find that your carpet dries much faster than had you hired a professional carpet cleaner. Instead of saturating your carpet with hot soapy water, the Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System works a thick foam into your carpet fibers. Dirt is emulsified in foam then captured on the Multi-Surface Shampoo System tray. This process leaves very little moisture behind allowing your carpets to dry much faster. Any residual cleaning solution dries to a crystal along with any emulsified dirt which is easily removed by vacuuming with the Kirby.

How Kirby Carpet Shampoo Prevents Resoiling

Now that you understand what resoiling is, you can clean with confidence knowing Kirby Carpet Shampoo can actually prevent it! By using foam instead of soapy hot water, your carpet backing never gets saturated. Cleaning with this method means deeply embedded dirt can’t wick up to the carpet surface leaving your carpets clean and fresh. Plus, our encapsulating polymer dries to a crystal meaning any dirt left behind is easily removed during routine vacuuming.

Shampoo carpet and remove difficult stains with the Kirby.

The Ultimate Deep Clean

Vacuuming then shampooing your carpet is the perfect one-two combo for the ultimate deep clean. You too can experience this ultimate deep clean in your home! Buy the Kirby today!