For over 100 years, the Kirby Home Cleaning System has been known for its powerful cleaning performance, industry-leading airflow, and handcrafted aluminum construction.  With the Kirby System, you’ll be able to clean with confidence and trust that you can keep your home clean for many years to come.


With industry-leading airflow, the Kirby system gets the dirt others leave behind.


Built from die-cast aluminum, the Kirby system is heavy duty and built to last!


Every Kirby Home Cleaning System is hand-crafted in the US by our dedicated team.


Your house is more than a home, so shouldn’t your vacuum be more than a vacuum?


Did you know, every Kirby System is engineered to last roughly 30 years!

Kirby Owner Testimonials

Hear from REAL Kirby owners from all around the world who love their home cleaning system!


We bought our Kirby the year we got married, 1959. I knew I wanted a Kirby, as I grew up with one-My mom had no other! (Frank & Rose Daniels). No problem what to buy for our new home. I would buy again.

Rose D.

Getting my Kirby was exciting. I was 25 when I got it and now I am 90. What a good sweeper!

Velma C.

I received my rebuilt Kirby in working order once again.  I have had this experience several times and I am very pleased with the service over the 62 years I have owned my Kirby.  I tell all my friends about the service and recommend Kirby vacuums as the best.

Mrs Andrew (Viola) K.

In 1972, as a newly engaged, young woman, I purchased my Kirby Classic vacuum. I wanted a quality vacuum that would do the job and last.  I could not, possibly, have imagined that I would still own it 49 years later-and that it would be functional.    I want to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing restoration you performed on it.

Victoria G.

If anyone reading this has any doubt about having their Kirby rebuilt or purchasing a new Kirby, do NOT! They stand behind their products and they are built to last a lifetime. How many vacuum manufacturers are willing to make that claim? Keep up the good work!

Charles W.

In this day and age of disposable garbage there will always be people that are willing to pay for quality and willing to pay to maintain those items. My only hope is that there are enough of those people around to keep companies like Kirby building and servicing high quality products. It shows that Kirby as a company cares about what they build and cares about their customers. Thank you very much for the wonderful products and wonderful service.

Richard P.

Recently I had my Kirby (1974) rebuild. It looks brand new on return. Works great. Has been a very good investment and product. Can’t believe you can still repair it after 45 years.

Phyllis S.

Your Rebuild Program is the reason I’ll be a Kirby owner for life. Furthermore, your repair teams do a fantastic job! Please pass on my sincere thanks to them for a well-done, quality, professional job.

Grant T.

I am extremely pleased with the service and product of the re-build program. I have had this machine for 15 years and still have found nothing which comes close to functionality and quality.

Ron D.

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Keep your bedroom spotless with the Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Clean corners, baseboards, and tough-to-reach areas with our specialized attachments.

The Kirby quickly converts to a powerful handheld vacuum, perfect for deep cleaning your mattress, headboard, and stairs.

Kirby gets the dirt your old vacuum left behind.

Love your pets but not their mess? The Kirby Zippbrush quickly picks up pet hair from furniture.

The Kirby Mulit-Surface Shampoo System will help keep your carpets fresh and clean.

The Mark of a Superior Clean.