Finding the Most Powerful Vacuum Cleaner:

For over 100 years, the Kirby has removed the dirt other vacuums left behind.

Why the Kirby Avalir 2 Lives Up to the Hype

When you search for an elite vacuum cleaner, which qualities do you prioritize? In all likelihood, suction is at the top of the list. This is perfectly natural; the most powerful vacuums deliver the best results — and we’re not just talking aesthetics. Better suction means fewer allergens and a better quality of life.

Unfortunately, finding a powerful vacuum cleaning system might not be as straightforward as you anticipate. Various metrics play into suction power, but even the most accurate numbers may fail to tell the whole story. In addition to sheer power, the vacuum needs excellent sealing and strong filtration capabilities. It should also be adaptable, as even the most powerful motor may do little to clean tight crevices.

If all the right qualities are at play in a high suction vacuum, the result could be an elite level of cleaning that goes far beyond anything you might accomplish with a ‘typical’ vacuum. Add the right attachments and conversion capabilities, and you can enjoy a powerful clean in almost any room or setting imaginable.

This is exactly what the Kirby Avalir 2 promises to provide. Like every Kirby, it’s known for being durable and versatile. However, to the most discerning users, these qualities aren’t enough on their own. Thankfully, the Kirby Avalir 2 also exceeds expectations in terms of sheer power. As one of the most powerful suction vacuums, the Kirby Avalir 2 has what it takes to clean any surface — no matter how dirty.

To help you understand why the Kirby Avalir 2 is so remarkable, we’ve compiled a guide to all things vacuum power: what it means, why it’s important, and how the Avalir 2 stands out.

How Is Vacuum Suction Power Determined?

As we’ve touched on, the concept of vacuum power is far from simple. The input power — measured in watts — plays a role but cannot be depended on alone to determine how effectively a vacuum might clean. High input power may not translate to impressive suction depending on how the vacuum is designed or how efficient the motor is. Still, a simple overview of wattage should provide insight when accompanied by other important specs.

Amperage ratings are arguably more important. This denotes the amount of electrical current used while operating the vacuum. While the motor uses the lion’s share of the electrical current, many other components are also influential. When making direct comparisons between vacuum models, however, the specific amperage of the motor can provide far more insight into the suction power and related cleaning abilities. 

The Kirby vacuum comes with 15 custom attachments to get the dirt your last vacuum left behind.
Clean bedroom after vacuuming with Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Water Lift

Few vacuum specs are as telling or difficult to understand as water lift. This determines the extent to which a vacuum’s motor can lift a one-inch column of water. This concept only applies if the motor is completely sealed. A vacuum with a solid water lift rating can handle resistance more effectively, especially after the dust bag begins to fill.


Measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), airflow determines how the vacuum motor can “pull” across a surface. This comprehensive calculation considers the motor’s power and resistance from the bag and the filtration system. Remember that while airflow provides excellent insight for general vacuum operation, ratings may be less accurate when using attachments.

Air Watts

Consumers often find air wattage even more confusing than the other metrics referenced above. This is a newer rating that takes output into account. Like airflow, air watts measure how the vacuum in question can carry air through a nozzle or other opening.

Definitions of ‘ideal’ can vary dramatically based on the vacuum style, but uprights should reach an absolute minimum of 100 AW. It’s common for canister vacuums to appear ahead, often reaching AW ratings of over 250. The best uprights, however, combine the high air wattage of the canister design with enhanced mobility. 

What Makes the Avalir 2 So Powerful?

Kirby has long held a remarkable reputation as a reliable vacuum manufacturer. Some of this prestige comes from Kirby’s commitment to building vacuum cleaners in the USA. The Lifetime Rebuild Program also earns the company a lot of goodwill from loyal customers. Ultimately, however, all this could be stripped away, and users would still be passionate about their Kirby vacuums.

While tremendous airflow is important to pull dirt from deep within the carpet, agitation to shake the dirt loose is important as well. Kirby’s brush roll, spinning at 3200 revolutions per minute, agitates and lifts the dirt from carpet with ease. 

Also important is having the correct height to optimize airflow. The Kirby’s toe-touch control has seven different positions to clean any type of or style of carpeting.

The difference lies in the powerful suction that new and old Kirby models deliver. These days, this is evident with the Kirby Avalir 2, which delivers a powerful clean in almost any setting imaginable. However, a simple glance at the stats might not be sufficient to understand how the Kirby Avalir 2 works and what makes it so powerful. As such, we’ve broken down vital contributing factors below:

Power Ratings

As we’ve discussed previously, several metrics can play into vacuum cleaner power — but none are quite capable of telling the full story on their own. Amperage, for example, might seem low for the Kirby Avalir 2. This model has a far lower amperage than key competitors in the high-end vacuum market, taking in a mere seven amps from a typical power outlet. This isn’t indicative of a problem, meaning that the Kirby is more efficient than most vacuums of its ilk.

The vacuum’s airflow also warrants consideration. With the Kirby Avalir 2, this reaches 132 CFM. This exceeds the airflow ratings of many competitors. As a result, the Avalir 2 can handle even the most difficult high-pile carpets. It’s common for upright and cordless models from Dyson and Shark to get around 50 CFM. Bissell has been known to exceed 100 CFM with select models.

Vacuum Sealing

Even the most powerful motor will accomplish little if the vacuum’s sealing is subpar. After all, it takes a strong seal to keep allergens contained. When a vacuum has a fully sealed system, it will have been thoroughly tested to determine how air can escape while operating the device. This is yet another point of pride for Kirby, which boasts an exceptional seal with the Avalir 2.  

Dog sitting next to Zippbrush that is removing dog hair from couch.


The amount of suction can vary based on whether you use the vacuum with or without specialized attachments. A suction control grip, for example, makes it easy to adjust the suction level when needed. Additional attachments (such as a wall and ceiling brush) can be applied to provide a targeted clean.

In addition to offering a variety of attachments and accessories, the Kirby Avalir 2 can be operated via straight suction cleaning. This involves disengaging the brush roll to clean hard floors. Under this approach, the power nozzle should be lowered close to the floor but shouldn’t touch.  

Choose the Kirby Avalir 2 for a Powerful Clean

If you’re determined to invest in a powerful vacuum that consistently delivers a thorough clean, look to Kirby to exceed your highest expectations. Kirby vacuums come equipped with excellent motors, high-level sealing, top-notch filter bags, and many helpful attachments. You can expect the Kirby Avalir 2 to get the job done no matter what you envision from your cleaning routine.