American-made and world-renowned, Kirby Systems are built to last.

As the registered owner, you may elect to use the Lifetime Factory Rebuild program to have your Kirby system rebuilt to “like new” condition by our specially trained Rebuild Department. This is our commitment to you, a loyal Kirby customer, and it will last for as long as you own your Kirby Home Cleaning System.

Kirby Factory Rebuild Program

Because our Vacuums are Built to Last

No other appliance manufacturer has a plan quite like the Kirby Rebuild program. As the registered owner, if you need Kirby vacuum cleaner repair, you may elect, during your ownership, to have our Rebuild Department rebuild your used Kirby vacuum to “like new” condition.

Our professional team will completely disassemble your cleaner, repair or replace any worn Kirby parts, and sandblast, polish and buff metal parts back to a shiny “new” appearance. Internal components are also thoroughly inspected and repaired with Kirby replacement parts so that your system will perform at its highest level.

When the process is complete, all portions of the unit will be tested to the same rigorous standards that were required when your Kirby system was first manufactured. Finally, the finished unit is carefully packaged and shipped back to you for many more years of use.

To take advantage of this program, please contact our Rebuild Department for details and pricing.


Program Plan Details


Subject to the conditions and exceptions stated below, The Kirby Company (the “Company”), agrees with the registered Kirby owner to rebuild (or, at its sole option, replace) the Kirby system including Standard Attachments and Accessories as defined below, under the following conditions:

    1. This Agreement is being entered between the Company and the registered owner of the Kirby system. It is not binding upon independent Kirby Distributors and will be honored by the Company.
    2. The rights and obligations arising from this Factory Rebuild Plan are non-transferable. The rebuild is only available to the registered owner, provided the Kirby system is still in the possession of that registered owner and was originally purchased from an independent Kirby Factory Distributor, Distributor Trainee or Dealer, or via
    3. Factory Rebuild cost is based on the purchase year, with adjustments made each year per the Consumer Price Index. Please contact the Company at 1-800-437-7170 or [email protected]
    4. The registered owner shall pay all charges with respect to the transportation of the Kirby system to and from the Company in connection with the Factory Rebuild.
    5. The Company reserves the right, at its sole option, to replace the Kirby system, Standard Attachments and/or Accessories with either new, used or rebuilt parts.
    6. The Factory Rebuild is not available if the Kirby system has been altered, defaced, abused, misused or used for commercial purposes. Defacing includes the alteration of the serial number in any way.



The Factory Rebuild consists of the following Accessories being replaced: brush roll, outer cloth bag, front motor bearing, fan, carbon brushes, cord, light bulb, brush roll belt, all trim parts, wheels, hubcaps, nozzle bumper and handle grip.

The following Accessories will be inspected by the Company and, if necessary, replaced, repaired or rebuilt: motor armature, rear motor bearing, field coil, all electrical wiring, switch and TechDrive® System.

The Factory Rebuild does not include the repair and/or replacement of any part which was broken as the result of accident, improper use, transport or attempts by oneself to repair the Kirby system. Also excluded is the replacement of any missing parts or non-genuine Kirby parts. Furthermore, the Factory Rebuild Plan does not apply to the Kirby system, Standard Attachments or Accessories, as originally supplied by the Company or if these have been repaired, altered or structurally modified in a way which, in the judgement of the Company, affects the stability or reliability. Attachments and/or accessories not listed above are not included in the Factory Rebuild Plan.

The Factory Rebuild Plan is only available to the registered owner who uses the Kirby system for personal, family or household purposes and who has purchased the Kirby system, Standard Attachments and Accessories from an independent Authorized Distributor, Distributor Trainee or Dealer, or via; and provided the serial number of the Kirby system has not been effaced, removed or changed (unless this is the consequence of fire, accident or repair or rebuild authorized by the Company).



    1. Subject to the conditions and exceptions stated below, the Company warrants to the registered owner that a product repaired or rebuilt by or on behalf of the Company under the terms and conditions of the Factory Rebuild Plan shall be of satisfactory quality, fir for the purpose for which its supplied, and free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and maintenance, for one (1) calendar year from the date of the repair or rebuild.
    2. During the warranty period, the Company will furnish a replacement part for any Standard Attachment or Accessory, which was repaired or rebuild under the Factory Rebuild Plan and which is found to be defective.
    3. This Factory Rebuild limited warranty does not apply to belts, light bulbs, disposable filter bags, brush bristles, rear wheels and/or other expendables, or damage caused by accident, misuse, negligence, abuse or acts of God. This limited warranty does not apply to any Kirby product which has been repaired or altered by an individual not authorized by the Company or which has been repaired, altered or structurally modified in a way which, in the judgment of the Company, affects its stability or reliability, or in which parts not approved by the Company, have been used.
    4. There are no other express or implied warranties or conditions with respect to the repair or rebuild of any Kirby product other than this limited warranty. All other representations (other than fraudulent misrepresentation), warranties and/or conditions, whether implied, including those of merchantability, fitness for a purpose and repair or rebuild in a skillful and workmanlike manner, statutory or other, are hereby explicitly excluded by the Company to the maximum extent permitted by the relevant governing law. All liability for indirect or consequential damages, except for personal injury or death arising out of negligence, is excluded.
    5. Please note that under national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods, a consumer has certain statutory rights, which are not affected by this limited warranty.
    6. The Company neither assumes nor authorizes any third party to assume for it, any additional liability in connection with the sale of Kirby products.
    7. No claims can be made under this limited warranty if the serial number of the Kirby system has been defaced, removed or changed (unless this is the consequence of fire, accident or repair or rebuild authorized by the Company).
    8. In the event you require service or information about Kirby products or this limited warranty, your independent Kirby Distributor or an Authorized Kirby Service Center can assist.
If you use the Factory Rebuild Program, our team will completely disassemble your Kirby, clean, repair or replace any parts then sandblast, polish and buff metal parts back to a shiny new appearance.
Our best vacuum yet, meet the American made Kirby vacuum cleaner.
The Kirby is an American-made vacuum that can easily be serviced for many years to come!


Satisfied owners all over the world can’t help but rant and rave about their Kirby. After years and years of exceptional cleaning performance, their Kirby system still cleans better than any vacuum they previously owned. And with our exclusive Lifetime Factory Rebuild program, rest assured your Kirby system will be running like new for generations to come.

Wow iIs all I can say when I opened up the box! It lookedand worked just like brand new, and my Kirby Classic III is 42 years old! Very impressive work. Thank you so much, I will enjoy my vacuum for many years to come now!”

Karl S. Facebook

“Thank you for the refurbishing of my treasure Kirby! Both of my daughters are now fighting over this 48 year old machine. It looks and works beautifully! … I have never been sorry that I owned a Kirby and have recommended this amazing machine to many. My son and his wife have one that is about 20-years old! Thank you again!”

Audrey M. Facebook

“Thank you so much for the excellent refurbishment on my “blue” Kirby Tradition vacuum … One day it just got ‘tired’ and gave up on me, unfortunately. You and your crew have made it look and run like a new machine. I just love it! Thank you so much for making it work better than before.”

Shelia S. Facebook


Email us a picture or video of you using your newly refurbished Kirby and tell us about your rebuild experience! Tell us why you love your Kirby enough to refurbish it.